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WWE’s Most Memorable Superstar Debuts, Colt Cabana Appears In Old Navy Ad

– has published a list counting down the 20 most memorable Superstar debuts in sports-entertainment history with Kane’s premiere appearance at the 1997 WWF pay-per-view event Badd Blood: In Your House topping the chart.

The complete list is as follows: 20. Big Show, 19. Fit Finlay, 18. Santino Marella, 17. Booker T, 16. Abdullah the Butcher, 15. Brock Lesnar, 14. The Great Khali, 13. Vader, 12. Goldberg, 11. Rey Mysterio, 10. Sabu, 9. Eric Bischoff, 8. The Undertaker, 7. Tazz, 6. Shockmaster, 5. The Nexus, 4. John Cena, 3. Scott Hall, 2. Chris Jericho, 1. Kane.

– Colt Cabana is featured in a new national Old Navy commercial promoting NFL gear. As a football player, he is shown carrying legendary football coach Mike Ditka.

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– Sin Cara is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on

  • ant

    chris jerichos debut was the best to me

  • Ender011

    This weeks pawdkast…

  • SYM

    Cena’s debut was pretty good, it couldve been #1 because he Actually Wrestled in his First Match instead of 5 Moves of Spoon.