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WWE’s New Name for ECW Revealed, Austin-RAW Note, More

– In case you missed it before, Steve Austin will be promoting his movie Damages on RAW when he hosts in March.

– WWE had trademarked “NXT” to use for the new Tuesday night show on the SyFy network. Sources have confirmed that ECW will now be called WWE NXT, with the NXT standing for Next Generation.

Apparently the show will be built around an entirely new cast of characters with the idea that WWE fans can see these characters develop and debut only on SyFy. Expect a lot of talents from WWE developmental to be called up. More details on the new WWE show should be made clear tonight.

  • Scooter

    Shawn I have to ask have you seen drews indy work?

  • Allen

    Actually that pretty much is what ECW (and lets not forget WWE superstars) is, they are the new velocity and heat. Just ECW is a actual and superstars isn’t. But thats pretty much why ECW never gets any real credit. I’m glad they’re are changing it but I do think the NXT is kinda lame. NGW (new generation wrestling) or something else would of sounded better and made more since. Oh well at least now we know NXT is not supposed to be on the same level as Raw and SD, since it’s all just new talent.

  • Wellsy

    NXT? What does it stand for? I mean, you know, WWE and ECW actually have words that go with the letters… (that tends to be the idea behind initials after all!).

    It’s basically like a merger of Heat and Velocity. Could be good. Better than the mess they left themselves in with ECW anyway (pretending like it was an equal brand with RAW and SmackDown despite it having half the roster size, talent, only one belt and one hour! Yeah, great idea!).

  • shawn

    well they should hire wrestlers with experience . most new wrestlers are heels because they can stomp and do 5 min submission moves and bore me.there all young. maybe being deterred from doing impressive moves? drew sucks!

  • WWEFAN94

    Man, I’m gonna miss ECW.

  • Forever

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol

  • Shawn

    The name is kind of odd, but the concept will be good. It’s funny, since Vinny Mac used the term “Next Evolution” twice and Josh Matthews also said it, I assumed that might be part of the new name (and, obviously, it’s somewhat right). The thing is, I was thinking, perhaps the name would be “Next/New Evolution Wrestling”, or NEW. ;-p Come on, it would have sounded kind of odd, but it was accurate.

  • NuclearShadow

    I for one think this is a bad idea and will simply repeat one of the major flaws ECW had. That is they take anyone who shines and throw them into Smackdown or Raw. Leaving only those who people will not deem worth watching.

  • RED

    bet it will suck

    how bout just make ecw actually ECW

  • Scooter

    I hope this works but what will happen to the ECW guys at least ECW was a spot not the best but it was a spot but if christian does not get a decent push I’m done with wwe once and for all its his own fault for jumping back anyway now that I think about it

  • jim

    in actuality wwe already has a NXT.its called FCW.this is just WWE’s way to silence the internet wrestling smarks.yet the smarks will still find somthing to complain about.smarks are killing wrestling imo.they have an idea of how a particular story should pan out due to reading spoiler sites then when it dont happen the way they invisioned it they whine.

  • WWE/FCW fan

    oh yh this is what i was thinking for such a long time since the news came about WWE being retired into a show for up and coming young talents like FCW this would mean bryan danielson will possibly debut on WWE television YES and hopefully joe henning and heath slater OH YEAH thank you vince R.I.P ECW you will be missed

  • Devil_Rising

    I get really tired of hearing people say “WWE doesn’t have any new stars”.

    What the hell would you call Drew McIntyre, or Sheamus, or Evan Bourne, or Kofi Kingston, or CM Punk for that matter? And even though I think they’re unbelievably retarded, what about Zach Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Or John Morrison. Or MVP. How are all those NOT “new stars”? They’ve HAD guys that like MVP, Carlito, Gregory Helms, Shelton Benjamin, etc., for several years now, that they could have easily used. They WASTE guys like Paul London and Brian Kendrick, or Charlie Haas, or Matt Hardy, or Mr. Kennedy.

    Give me a break. I like the idea of them dropping the foolish “ECW” name, and I like the idea of pushing young stars. But seriously, this “WWE has no new stars” s**t needs to end. They HAVE new stars. It’s not the wrestlers’ fault that the only news guy they’ve pushed to the main event level is CM Punk, who deserved it, and Sheamus, who no one can argue deserved it so quickly.

    Either way, I think the best I can hope for, is that this “NXT” show, actually winds up being a lot more like Velocity was, which had GREAT matches every single week. REAL wrestling, that would be nice. And get rid of the likes of Ezekiel Jackson….we seriously DON’T need yet another giant steroid freak who’s sole offense consists of crappy looking clotheslines.

    As for the guys currently on ECW, some of them, like Christian, will no doubt be moved to the “main roster” where they belong. But unfortunately, this probably means that a bunch of people, even from Raw and Smackdown, are going to be fired either before or after Wrestlemania, “cleaning house”, to make room. Hopefully that doesn’t mean guys like Primo, Hurricane, etc. get the boot.

  • Mannul

    Shouldn’t it be NXG then? NXT sounds kind of dumb. But i’m only reading it on this site and it hasn’t come from WWE yet,so i’m not believing it 100% yet.

  • Billy

    they can use superstars to highlight some new wrestlers, plus maybe give a shot against some of the current seasoned midcarders.. I honestly don’t think this show is necessary.

  • Treg

    ah.. a much more fitting title. Can’t wait til Byran Danielson finally debuts..

  • Pooch

    It’s already been a launchpad for new faces, just take the older guys out and put them on Raw and Smackdown. Just keep the Yoshi’s and the Tyler Rex’s on the NXT show.

  • Dustin

    ANd they think that changing the cast of wrestlers and not the writers will make everything better and different…

    They need a totally different reboot, and in every area possible.

  • Kelly

    Ecw has been dead since it was bought this is a carbon copy that failed those ecw chants I hope died too.

  • mike

    NXT! NXT! hmm, could be good, hope this works for them! goodbye ECW finally! Its dead, most their guys are in TNA anyhow! I will probably download or at least watch a youtube clip of this!

  • Spy

    I like the sound of this concept. They’re killing two birds with one stone. Working on the no new stars problem and the ECW problem. NXT though. Eh, it’s do I suppose.

  • annonymouse

    i like it, finally a good idea from VKM

    i can see this not taking off however, but it is what it should be. wwe doesn’t need 3 main shows. they need 1 main show, 1 filler show and 1 2nd tier show. though raw and SD should be rejoined. the roster can’t support both right now imo

  • a1

    guess i’ll watch syfy

  • Ryan

    anybody know how where to find NXT on bell satellite?

  • Andy Garland

    it should be called wcw

  • baddog_1_2k

    NXT huh. sounds lame maybe a guy like charlie haas can finally get his shot. I am afraid alot of guys will lose jobs over this though to make room for this next generation.

  • Matt

    PG ultimately killed ECW, I say let it rest. NXT, well, time will tell.

  • 6burgh

    ecw name has been killed but nxt sounds worst. cant c this going over to well

  • TheRattlesnake420

    I can hear the E-C-Dub chants fading in the distance….
    I wish they would have kept ECW hardcore and edgy.


    wonder what the title is going to look like RIP ECW

  • Ryan

    i like the sounds of this. the current ECW wrestlers, im assuming, will be divided between RAW and smackdown. this hopefully will create new tag teams and maybe even a cruiserweight division once again. what does everyone think will happen to the ECW title?

  • jim

    NXT is lame.why not NGW.

  • MF

    This could be really cool if they treated it like UFC does with The Ultimate Fighter and profiled the roster and showed them behind the scenes training and interacting with one another. Like a reality show almost but keeping kayfabe as well.

  • a1

    WTF NXT chant maybe good, lets hope it goes well

  • gav

    so it sounds like to get to the main roster you now have to go through two developemental shows but sounds like a pretty cool concept will be interesting to see how this pans out

  • RPM

    This could actually be good but it will probably have alot of sci fi gimmicks as the network didn’t feel ECW was fitting to the network itself.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    I like the sound of this new concept. It sound’s like they may just start giving the third show a go, especially if they’re using it as a launch pad for every new star.

  • Matt

    Sounds awesome. Can’t wait!!

  • Mikey

    Finally they can stop ruining the ECW name