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WWE’s Newest Three-Man Faction Introduced on RAW (Video)

The vignette shown during RAW last night was for The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt is the leader of the group and he is flanked by NXT’s Tag Team Champions Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The idea of the group is that Wyatt is the cult leader with Rowan and Harper as his ‘followers’.

Bray Wyatt previously worked as Husky Harris during a previous WWE run.


Credit: ProWrestling.Net

  • Pewp

    I didn’t think Vince liked Mike Rotundo?

    I am afraid of the worst because Vince has taken a lot of great wrestlers and trashed them with “retard gimmicks” that couldn’t be sold to someone who always says yes.

  • king god hades

    no hey wont become jobbers are you daft bray wyatt is a great wrestlers for someone of his weight and on top of that his dad is a hall of famer vince actually likes

  • Pewp

    These guys don’t need Zeb as a mouth piece, and yes he will probably be Zeb’s “People like Me”.

  • Pewp

    But what will they do? 3 man band is heel, leaving their jobbers as Zach Ryder, The Usos, Tons of Funk, maybe Kofi and maybe R Truth.

    The only problem with 2 heel stables is that they either dominate the roster (nwo) or are “pussies” (aces and eights, nation of domination).

    I am afraid that they won’t make it far before they start jobbing to Fandango and Wade Barrett. (God, look at what they did to Wade Barret…)

  • king god hades

    it would only be two heel factions
    the shield and this one
    they’re having big e leave ziggler

  • Pewp

    That would be neat. I have high hopes for these fellows, and if they can help make the show interesting again, why not? My only concern is having too many good heel factions.

  • king god hades

    i would assume no more than six maybe seven and finishers change over time or maybe they’ll treat like a more extreme version of ravens clique when he had one

  • Pewp

    I rescind my statement.

    After watching the promo’s, and seeing some of his youtube matches, I think the idea is growing on me. I like the characters, and their masks.

    My only concern is how many of them there will be, especially if they remove old stable members to add new ones. I also am not impressed with the swinging reverse sto as a finisher.

    I would rather him use something more “painful”. Hopefully this will be a fun stable that goes somewhere.

  • Scott

    I feel like if people were able to follow these guys through NXT like some people have they would get the appeal of Bray Wyatt and his family. Obviously NXT isn’t regularly available to most, but Bray Wyatt has come a LONG way from Husky Harris.

  • Jason Lentini

    Maybe a play off the popularity of Duck Dynsaty

  • king god hades

    you need to have an open mind,kizarny was a damn clown..this is more or less a redneck country hick conspire with two naive followers

    I more or less see this character as a cross of raven with the muddled metaphoric speech and fetus with the reckneck motif

  • Scooter

    Great trio BUT I see them getting lost in the shuffle as long as the Shield are around.

  • ddfindl

    I’ve heard they were going to put Zeb Coulter in a faction soon, and this one seems pretty logical.

  • Pewp


    Kizarny anyone?