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WWE’s Official Announcement on Edge Retiring

– Below is WWE’s official announcement on Edge retiring from their website:

Less than a week after his successful title defense against Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania XXVII, World Heavyweight Champion Edge has been forced to retire from in-ring competition due to injury. The unexpected news brings to an end a storied WWE career spanning 13 years and consisting of 11 World Title reigns.

The Rated-R Superstar had been suffering numbness and uncontrollable trembling in his arms and hands. This is not the first time Edge has experienced these symptoms of nueropraxia. An MRI in Atlanta last Monday was sent to Dr. Joseph Maroon, a renowned neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery at The Pittsburgh School of Medicine. After careful examination of the MRI, it was determined that Edge would never be cleared to compete again, and thus, he is forced to retire.

In 2003, Edge underwent a two level spinal fusion of the discs between his C5, C6 and C7 vertebrae. After being cleared to compete, The Rated-R Superstar returned to the ring, resulting in stenosis of the spine, or a narrowing of the spinal column, above and below the fused discs. This narrowing resulted in less and less of the vital fluid needed to protect the spinal cord. Medical professionals cannot clear Edge to compete ever again in WWE since doing so could result in paralysis or even death.

  • ashley


  • hassan rana

    hy edge u were only the reason i watched wwe and enjoyed.but its really very hurtful to know that u r announcing retirement from this business but i will keep praying for u and i believe that someday you will surprise the wwe universe with your historical return… i have many things to say but for u “combination of million words with 26 elphabates cannot express your great job” take care hero and try 2 live in touch with us please

  • cenaWWE™®


  • The Great One

    Such a shame, just another blow to the attitude era fans, one of the great tag team stars of the era, when tag team wrestling was the best it had ever been. Thank you edge for everything.

    My greatest memory wasnt the spear on foley, or on hardy, but it was his assaults on cena and stopping super cena from being shoved even further down our throats, that day when he attacked cena and won his first title was amazing !!

  • nathan

    Ever since I grew up watching Edge, I loved him (no homo). His look, his charisma, his mic skills, his in-ring skills… Everything. Definite Hall of Famer. Hopefully 2012. Thank you Edge, For everything you have done for the WWE and the fans, from the Brood to an 11-Time World Champion. For all the TLC matches, all the Wrestlemanias, the Spear on Hardy, the spear on Foley through the flaming table, I even still perfectly remember the day you won your first WWE Championship. Thank you Edge. We love you and will miss you.

  • Kigg

    HOF 2012!! Thank You Edge.

  • renz

    well done edge, you have served the industry well. its fuckin shit the spinal fusion has resulted in you suffering injury and tahat you are being forced into retirement but your health is more important.

  • mark



    it is a sad moment to see him go but he made the smart choice of retiring while he can, i hope he will stick around in christains corner for some matches, and then maybe become an annoucer or the annoyamous GM on raw turns out to be Edge after everything

  • Dude

    this is serious? no joke? Not a storyline?

  • dan

    I reckon that because of this retirement Edge will headline next year’s Hall of Fame

  • Kim

    If creative doesn’t pick him up in a hot second to write, book, and appear, they’re crazy. He’s got an eye for what works, obviously.

  • PLW


    Torrie was planned to be the 1st divas championship before she retired and before Chrissy Vaine decided to leave WWE due to the hard work schedule. They were suppose to feud for the title.

  • CC

    @ PLW. Torrie Wilson was not the first Divas champion, Michelle McCool was. In fact, not only did the Divas championship come into being after Torrie left, but Torrie never held a single WWE or WCW womens title.

  • keith learmonth

    Nice one, Dave! 🙂

    I stand corrected!

  • rko

    It really is a shame about Edge. Considering guys like Ric Flair, Sting and Taker are still wrestling, his career has been cut short. If anything, he’s going out in his prime. I just can’t see Christian going over Del Rio in a vacant title match. Vince would not allow it.

  • tz

    EDGE retire for reals cmon!? this smell like kayfabe(fake) , here what it seems like EDGe say he retire in realtiy a hugh time off, and come back like out of nowhere, remember when undertaker lost a matcha and left smackdown for good and then they rehire him seem very similar here!

  • Dave

    Christian should win the World Heavyweight Title against Del Rio. That makes sense. I’m sure Edge would want it. Lol.

  • keith learmonth

    Christian should be put in the match against Del Rio. That makes sense. I’m sure Edge would want it.

  • adam

    Thank you edge for all the great title runs moments and matches. Good luck in whatever you do now and you were one of the greats. Soon you will be in the HOF all i can say is i hope chrsitan gets a shot now. So one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history will both be able to claim reigns to the world heavyweight title. LONG LIVE E&C

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Thank you Edge for all the great moments and matches. Best of luck to you wherever your life takes you.

  • red rooster

    That doctor… whatta maroon!

    Thanks Edge.

  • keith learmonth

    There’s nothing more he -could- accomplish in WWE. He has done everything there is to do.

  • Kannon

    Instant Hall of Famer. He has nothing else to prove or accomplish.

  • keith learmonth

    Hell yeah, Kannon! That match left some lasting images!

  • M.C.

    @kannon, I think bill means that edge seems a bit too young to be a HOF’er. I want him to get inducted, but I say that when wm hits Toronto, which I have a feeling it will soon, will be the year trish, edge, maybe even owen(I know he’s from calgary, but its still canada.) hbk got inducted so soon is because he’s been considered a legend since he returned in 2003, so he had 8 yrs. Sure, edge is great, but he’s only been face for less than a yr. When I think of edge a few years back, I think of him making out with Vicki. I’m sure he’ll make appearances, but he’s not ready for wm 28 HOF. Plus, he’d get overshadowed by the rock, who WILL get in, since it’s his hometown.

  • Kannon


  • RKOmonster

    Being in that arena and hearing him say the word “retire”, really caught me off guard. Never have I heard a standing ovation like from what i heard today.

  • keith learmonth

    Oh, and let’s not forget: He also had the privilege of facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Cost Kurt Angle his hair, and had some of the best matches in the history of wrestlemania. (w/ Christian, vs hardys, vs dudleys, wrestlemanias 16 & 17.)

  • Camille


    On this day

  • Dave

    I bet Vince called up Jericho soon after he found out about this. This leaves a huge hole, not just on Smackdown, but in WWE. I’m sure Vince will put some more money on the table to get Y2J back sooner. I bet we’ll see him by the end of the summer.

  • Kannon

    Wait to be a legend? Yeah cause him off of tv and no longer wrestling is gonna make him a legend. You enter him now while he is still fresh in our minds, not a lost and forgotten soul.

  • keith learmonth

    Venom, Dude, if it took -this- before you’d admit Edge has bragging rights in WWE, you’ve completely ignored a career consisting of:
    7 World Heavyweight Championships
    12 World Tag Team Championships.
    4 WWE Championships.
    5 Intercontinental Championships.
    1 US Championship
    2 WWE Tag Team Championships.
    He was also the 14th Triple Crown Champion,
    2001 King Of The Ring,
    Held Money In The Bank twice.
    Won the 2010 royal rumble.

    And to top all of that off, was damn entertaining. I’m pretty sure there is -no-one- who has achieved a list of accomplishments like that!

  • Bill

    Plus, I never meant that they should be inducted at the same time. I say that they should wait a bit for Edge, so he becomes more of a legend(I.e. HBK & Undertaker status) to induct him.

  • Bill

    @Kannon. I’m just saying that they should be in the HOF in the future. I bet one day Owen’s wife will finally let WWE use his likeness. I mean, what will she say when her kids ask about their dad’s wrestling career? They could always induct the entire Hart Family(not including Bret & Stu, since they’re already in) & include Owen. (Ex: Induct Neidhart, Bulldog, & people close to the family like Pillman, etc. Show some Owen Hart clips for a second & it’ll be fine.) Besides, what ever happened to Helen’s lawsuit against WWE for Owen being on the Hart Family DVD?

  • Kannon

    @Bill 1st Y2J is not retired and 2 Owen’s wife will NOT ALLOW VINCE TO USE OWEN NAME OR LIKENESS! So yes Edge will be in the hall of fame next year.

  • Bill

    @Kannon, If Edge should get in, then Chris Jericho & Owen Hart should be in, too! I though his retirement was just a stupid angle. I wish I was right. Thanks Edge, you did a damn good job……plus he was the first person to win the WWE title from Super Cena!

  • Logan

    E&C ONE MORE TIME PLEASE! If not its completely understandable, health is important and we’ve lost to many people already.

  • Kannon

    F the Rock! Hall of Fame next year should be EDGE. He BROKE his neck and risked his life for the WWE. Thats what deserves the Hall of Fame. Not saying Rock shouldn’t be in, just not next year.

  • PLW


    It seems like the superstars and some divas always retire with something dealing with their back, its sad. Same thing with Torrie Wilson and her being the 1st ever Divas Champion she had to retire earlier than expected. Edge heel or face the man was incredible at what he did and is definitely HALL OF FAME BOUND!!!! And the dude is still and his prime and probably had 2 more runs in him I believe personally.

    Edge FOR HALL OF FAME CLASS of 2012!!!

  • L

    @ Kannon

    Doubtful. WM 28. Rock/Cena. Miami. Rock’s going in next year as the top guy. Edge deserves the top spot himself. It won’t be next year.

  • Who cares

    “Wow what an angle for Edge to return later this year”

    If anyone is actually thinking this whilst reading the statement, don’t kid yourself. You can dream about it as much as you like but this is a legit retirement.

    But on the bright side it gives a lot of lifeless trolls an excuse to moan about John Cena as everyone seems to be doing atm. Edge has retired and Cena has already punched his ticket for next years Wrestlemania. HES NOT GOING ANYWHERE XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

  • Kannon

    Rated R Superstar thank you for putting your body on the line for our entertainment.

    Your headliner for the class of 2012 HAll of Fame is…………….. EDGE!!!

  • B

    To be honest, if it had been a work I don’t think they would have mentioned the Doctor’s name, much less one who seems as established as he appears to be on his website: ( – at least, surely a Doctor of that calibre would be risking his own reputation and respectability if he were involved in a shoot, even if was made clear after the work.

  • Cardiff Wanderer

    Edge has been loved, hated but always noticed. Something that has made him a star. Sad to see him go.

  • venom

    Edge now has some bragging rights. In WWE, I don’t think anybody retired as a World champion. WWE wouldn’t even let Bret Hart do that. Edge didn’t have much time left. I hope they make him Raw GM.

  • Truthiness

    This statement has much more specific terminology than a standard worked statement from WWE, it seems legit to me. I have relatives with spinal stenosis and I can tell you that it’s nearly impossible to live a normal life in that condition, much less the life of a WWE superstar.

  • Thumper!

    One of the saddest retirements in the history of the WWE.

    I’m going to miss you Edge. From Spearing Jeff 20 ft in the air, to pinning Cena and winning the WWE Title, to giving a great match at Mania against Del Rio.

    Maybe now Christian might become World Champion. One can only hope

  • Me

    What he said ^^

  • Jason

    i just want to say thank you edge for all the matches and great moments you have been involved in