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WWE’s Original Plans for Ziggler and Flair, Backstage Talk About RAW

– There was a lot of backstage talk about Monday’s RAW this week. It was acknowledged that the promos by CM Punk, Paul Heyman and The Rock were all very good to build up the Royal Rumble but besides that, the feeling was that the show sucked. As noted, lots of people were talking about how bad John Cena’s promo was.

– The current storyline where The Miz is being pushed as the “next Ric Flair” was originally earmarked for Dolph Ziggler. With Ziggler, the idea was going to be more of Flair being his manager but Ziggler was going to be given the Figure Four and doing the same gimmick Miz is doing as a babyface.

Regarding turning Ziggler babyface, it looks like those plans have been put on hold for the time being.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Rob

    what they shouldve done was have flair take inital interest in the Miz, then have Ziggler come of as a jealous fan of flair, have ziggler feud with the miz like we have now with ziggler fighting for flairs approval.
    this wouldve kept the Miz as their baby face, Ziggler rocking his heel status while emulating flair as the more logical succesor, with flair being availble to play both sides of face/heel.
    but that is out the window with having had ziggler talked down on flair..

  • Johhny

    could always have flair turn on the miz

  • Shawn Bronald

    Ziggler would have been much better as the Flair-apparent (get it?) than Miz. Imagine Ziggler locking in the Figure Four and then proceeding to do several sit ups. Damn, WWE, you dropped the ball.

  • D2K

    I say that they let the fans decide like they did back in the Attitude Era. Let the fans cheer who they want and boo who they want. It comes across so contrived when they force a turn on us.

    For instance they have gone out of their way to get CM Punk over as a heel, and yet he still gets ‘CM Punk’ chants. Fans want to cheer him as a tweener rather than a full-fledged heel. Same with Ziggler. He should change his personality at all. Let him the best become a tweener.

  • Ziggler is far better as a heel, keep him that way