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– Sin Cara was said to be very nervous before his first WWE TV match last night with converting to the WWE style of wrestling. People backstage were very down on him and Primo after their match.

– CM Punk was not at last night’s RAW in Bridgeport. No word yet on where he was but it was something cleared by WWE officials ahead of time.

– TheSmokingGun.com has an article up today looking at Donald Trump’s charity and his tax returns. They note that WWE donated $4 million to the Donald J. Trump Foundation for his part at WrestleMania 23 and $1 million for his RAW appearances back in 2009.

Source: PWInsider

  • Steve

    I don’t believe that the locker room is down on Sin Cara for a second. That’s just shooting in the dark journalism.

  • venom

    Looks like Primo will be joining Carlito. Now thats cool. Keeping the screw ups off the roster.

  • The Great One

    so they were very down because of one mistake, vince take a look at your decisions over the last 10 years, every single one has been a mistake except signing sin cara.

    Its a joke, wwe have took si cara and are forcing him to do the bullshit wwe entertainment rather than just go out tere and put on a great match

  • Satan

    let me clarify PRIMO botched not Sin Cara rewatch the match again please Primo fell causing Sin Cara to come off the top out on the outside

  • Destiny

    I didn’t even know Primo was still a part of the WWE until they camera showed him.

  • Trixie

    Primo was the one that screwed that up, at least from what I saw–he’s the one that slipped.

  • http://deleted scooter

    they eliminated matt cross from tough enough don’t you think thats enough proof they don’t know good wrestling hell those hollywood writers probably think khali is the best worker they have

  • Marky Mark

    Everyone’s fault but the booking, as usual. Screw them bozos at WWE power positions. They’re a joke to everyone.

  • me

    i agree with jeff

  • Jeff

    The booking of this match should have been much different. If they were going to put him in their against a jobber then why did they give Primo so much offense? If Primo isn’t cut in the next two months it will be a miracle.

  • Chris

    Did he screw up or Primo? It looked like Primo started it by falling in between the turnbuckle which caused Sin Cara to fall

  • damkat

    Sin Cara did a great job in his first WWE match. I mean he did screw up the first attempt at his finisher but overall he but on a good match.

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