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– For those familiar with the Ted DiBiase/Virgil angle from the 90’s era, WWE are positioning the John Cena/Nexus storyline very similarly, with the idea that Cena’s treatment will have fans urging him to fight back against his ‘leader’ Wade Barrett. Creative do have a definitive finish in mind for the storyline, but it will continue to be booked week-by-week as it stands.

– As some of you may have figured out, Edge will be starting a program with Jack Swagger over on SmackDown, following his draft last night.

Source: Wrestling Observer

  • Mark

    The best answer from Cena to the GM would of been “Go ahead fire me…I will go work with TNA!!”

    I found the whole thing of listen to Wade or get fired as a way to force him.

  • CC

    @keylo. Difference is, WWE originated the angle, so they are only repeating themselves. TNA is constantly copying everyone else, so they cant even claim to have had the original idea either.

  • lol

    @LVW yes to HBK/JBL

  • Dom

    imagine how the kids would react if McMahon fired Cena but as a storyline hahaha

  • Sam

    YES they aren’t turning Cena into a heel, i think he’s better as a face

  • LVW

    A subplot to this: how will the faces react to being beat up on by one of their own. For instance, look at the reaction by Mark Henry in the battle royal.

  • dave

    I’m starting to lose interest in the Nexus story line as well. I really hope they do the right thing and force Cena to be heel or he’s “fired”. My early Bragging Rights prediction is that Cena will do what Barrett says by helping him win the match by beating up Barrett in order for Barrett to win by DQ – Except Orton keeps the belt and Cena doesn’t get fired.

  • ice

    im loving this angle. nexus is so strong right now

  • Mannul

    So I guess they’re not making Cena heel,which would’ve been a better thing to do. Looks like he’ll be superman again and destroy Nexus once he gets tired of being their slave. The GM will probably make some kind of loop in the storyline and let Cena leave Nexus and kill them off. WWE should just make Cena heel already,he’s old news with this “i can’t be stopped and can’t lose” storyline.

  • Karl

    Really? S-c-r-e-w-i-n-g sets off the filter? Seriously?

  • keylo

    And you do have people on here letting rip at TNA for re-doing storylines when WWE are the kings of it.

  • Zach V

    whizz its totally different WCW was on the fly where they wouldn’t know what was gonna happen on nitro 10 mins brfore air time WWE does have a definite finish they are just gonna bock week by week to see how they are going to get there. Its one part of the show not the whole show like WCW

  • Karl

    They should have stayed with the destroying Nexus from within, or, at least, the whole screwing with his partner thing he was doing during the tag match. Blatantly beating the bejeezus was a bit much, but just doing little things to undermine Nexus while seemingly going along would be entertaining (for example, “accidentally” sending another wrestler into Barrett and knocking both of them over the top rope would have been great).

    The whole premise of the Nexus/Cena thing was stupid from the get go; why the heck would they want someone who so obviously doesn’t want to be a member? The fact that they’ve basically made him Barrett’s slave shows the stupidity of the original premise, so they should have gone for the humor potential and done a whole “be careful what you wish for” angle.

  • LVW

    HBK/JBL and Scott Steiner/Test

  • Kris

    why is it everytime someone is gettign drafted or traded from raw…. miz comes out and always gets in the final word or move,,, leaving them hurt on the mat

  • whizz

    week by week….hhhmmm which defunct promotion used to run its creative side in that way

  • skitzo

    Edge vs Jack Swagger? I am SO not interested in that feud.

  • Sammo

    You don’t really need to go back as far as DiBiase and Virgil to find a similar storyline… It’s the same as when Batista gradually turned on HHH whilst in Evolution, or when HBK worked for JBL a couple of years ago.

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