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WWE’s Plans for The Miz, WrestleMania 27’s Gate, NXT Update, Jeremiah Riggs

– Coming out of this week’s WWE NXT, Titus O’Neil has 9 Redemption points while Darren Young has 7 and Byron Saxton has 4.

– Sunday’s WrestleMania 27 gate from Atlanta, Georgia at The Georgia Dome now ranks as the 2nd highest live gate for WrestleMania in history, second to WrestleMania 25 from Houston, Texas at $7.2 million. This year’s WrestleMania 27 from Atlanta drew $6.6 million.

– Dutch Mantel wrote the following on Twitter about WWE Tough Enough contestant Jeremiah Riggs: “Keep an eye out for Jeremiah Riggs…on Tough Enough. He trained at my school, The University of Dutch. Tough kid.”

– WWE’s long-term direction for WWE Champion The Miz is to have him turn babyface eventually.

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  • keith learmonth

    I have to say, you guys bitching for no reason about this article being pointless, read between the lines. I’m pretty sure it implies they’re turning him face -while he is- WWE Champion.

  • scooter

    my only problem with this is whenever they turn a guy it makes the heels seem less important I mean what really over heels do wwe have? okay theres the miz and alberto del rio but their are no real veterans who have been around for years the wwe turn a guy as soon as he gets popular!

  • grizz

    It doesn’t matter what they have Miz do, he will always suck.

  • renz

    haha cc’s comment about cena’s shirts was gold

  • Dale

    @bill, true. Anyone else agree with me? lets hear some comments. Personally, I think that miz is sorta a watered down rock, but still……

  • marcum

    weren’t titus o neil darren young and bryon saxton on the first nxt

  • CC

    @ Adam, but my point still stands as Cena went from face, to heel and then back to face in his early days and could still switch again at any point.

  • Marky Mark

    Cole gets more heat then The Miz. I don’t buy into the “Miz is the biggest heel” idea, right now. If Miz turns face, then they better make Cena turn heel. Cause Miz isn’t gonna bring in anyone that Cena already hasn’t. Cena turning heel will make 20 times more head waves with little kids, teens, adults, marks, and smarks alike. No one gives a crap if Miz does anything. They’re just going through the motions with him.

  • Bill

    I may have mentioned this before, but The Miz’s career is IDENTICAL to The Rock’s. They both started of as jobbers everybody hated(Miz in 2006 & Rocky Maivia in 1996), they joined a stable(NOD & teaming with John Morrison) & enjoyed mid-card success(tag team, U.S., & Intercontinental titles). Then, they became moderately successful singles competitors & would win the WWE title as heels. Eventrually, they started to get over with the fans(people saying Rock & Miz’s catchprhases together, like ‘If you smell….’ & ‘I’m awesome!’). They would put on one if their biggest matches ever at Wrestlemania against the face of the company(Rock at WM 15 w/ SCSA, & Miz at WM 27 w/ Cena). Miz was lucky enough to win his, but Rock still benefitted from the match. Then, the fans started to cheer for them after WM. The Rock turned face & became a HUGE star. Now it is time for the Miz to do the same.

  • Nicholas G

    I love how people think he has failed as a heel when he is the most talk about Wrestler in the internet. I mean if nobody didn’t care about The Miz we would not be talking about him so much as we are. Just saying there are many wrestler who I really don’t like and don’t really care to talk about. But the Miz anytime a topic is brought up how long of a response he gets to me that a sign that the Miz is doing something right. Hey he a bad reaction is a good thing.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Turning face may be the best move in his career. People might actually care about him… He is a failed heel and only garners a reaction when he says (insert team name) sucks…

  • The Human Boner

    How can The Miz be a babyface when everyone thinks he sucks

  • Nicholas G

    Man been saying it for many month now The Miz is the future and the next John Cena only I can see the Miz being even better then Cena. Heck I already think the Miz got way better mic skills and the fact that he got put over by Cena didn’t really surprise me in fact it was down right predictable. Heck he even gain Cena respect. I respect Cena a lot but like The Miz just a little bit better. Why because the Miz has still improving in the ring and is not taking a back seat to nobody.

    But I do feel The Miz big test is coming very very soon. What I mean is HHH the Game feud is coming very very soon. That will be the big test. The Miz has beaten everybody on Raw expect for one. Unless HHH is drafted to Smackdown expect HHH and the Miz feud to start maybe even by this Monday night.

    In closing I have known for a while that The Miz would be doing a face turn no it not going to happen just yet. But by this time next year I can very easily see the Miz as a face. An watch the kids start wearing Miz t-shirt he is going to be bigger than Cena you watch. For one thing he got better mic skills.

  • Evil Doink

    It will be like Orton, or even Stone Cold, the fans will love to hate Miz so much that the face turn will be decided by the fans.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    “turn him babyface eventually”

    NOT NEWS! any one else think he’s just taking a shot in the dark in hopes his prediction will come true?

    I aint sayin… I’m just sayin..

  • adam

    @cc. Every wwe superstar except john cena. Once he started being a face he never changed. Also Snooki had nothing to do with the ratings going up.

  • RKOmonster

    well.. people are tired of Cena thats why (well have been). Also the Miz hasn’t been bringing in ratings at all. Its what WWE have been doing to bring ratings up. The Rock, Snooki, Stone Cold, HBK, Taker vs Triple H. He brought ratings up one time, by 700,000 viewers..

  • JOE

    @dave I agree as much as people on this website bitch and moan about the miz, the fact is the miz=ratings period! Why do you think the miz keeped the belt this long? Not to mention he went over cena at WM 27, how many times have that happened??

  • Dave

    They better not turn Miz anytime soon. He’s the most over heel they have right now. That would be a horrible move at this point.

  • RKOmonster

    THEN Morrison and the Miz, will go at it !!!! NOW it makes sense!!!!!

  • Triple H

    Thats just Marc hard at work. I like the others but whenever he posts something 95 percent of it is crap

  • CC

    Doesnt every face turn heel and every heel turn face at some point in their careers? Saying that WWE want to turn Miz face at some point is stating the obvious. You might as well say that WWE want to change the colour of Cenas shirt at some point.