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WWE’s Ridiculous Rivalries, Photo of NXT Women’s Title, Kelly & Maryse, More

– Stephanie McMahon tweeted a better photo of the NXT Women’s Title today:

NXT Womens Title 2

– sent word that they have released a new Daniel Bryan “Goat Face Killah” t-shirt and other new wrestling shirts. View them all at this link.

– From Twitter, Maryse and Kelly Kelly reunited today for a pool party with friends:

Maryse and Kelly

– WWE’s website recently listed the top 10 ridiculous rivalries:

10. The Undertaker vs. The Undertaker
9. Sting & The British Bulldog vs. Vader & Sid
8. The Machines vs. The Heenan Family
7. Glacier & Ernest Miller vs. Wrath & Mortis
6. Edge vs. Booker T
5. Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango
4. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan
3. Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man
2. Sting vs. Vampiro
1. Hulk Hogan vs. The Dungeon of Doom

  • Shawn OB

    I didn’t realize the Sting vs. Vampiro match was ridiculous. Must of been zoning out during the non-wrestling parts.

  • The Killswitch

    I’ll quote Punk on this one; belts hold up your pants. The proper term is title or championship. I won’t make a big deal if someone says “belt,” but I certainly wouldn’t say that it’s the best term to use.

  • DanielsonFan

    No it’s a title. This is not boxing.

  • Matt Farrell

    Vince doesn’t like calling them “belts” because it’s too ‘old-school’. Just like he calls his wrestlers ‘superstars’.

  • The Killswitch

    What are you talking about?

  • Matt Farrell

    Unless you have it copyrighted, There’s not **** all you can do.

  • Matt Farrell

    It’s called a BELT. Stop sucking up to Vince!

  • nick-hulk

    They’ve sold one of my forum names. . . Theiving conglomerate b*****ds. How do I sue?!