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New Name for WWE’s Rivalries DVD, Jericho Video Interview, AJ

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with AfterBuzzTV to promote Robot Combat League. Jericho revealed that WWE officials thought Randy Orton would win the February 8th RAWactive poll to determine CM Punk’s opponent, which Jericho ended up winning. Here’s the interview:

– AJ Lee says she squatted 200lbs. on Friday. She tweeted:

“I believe the purpose of twitter is 90% to make asinine jokes & 10% to fish for the love and affirmation your parents never gave you. With that said, I am a 115lb chick & I squatted 200lbs today. Personal best. Someone give me a medal dammit. Or a cookie. I’ll take a cookie”

– reports that the new name for WWE’s top rivalries DVD is, “WWE Presents: The Top 25 Rivalries In Wrestling History.” It hits stores on May 28th.

  • disqus_jYZXUNgH3e

    yeah right all aj lee is good at doing is fooling around with the entire wwe roster of male superstars let a lone work a hard days work in her whole life let alone work out hard in the gym working out in the gym is more than supposedly squatting 200 lbs
    i myself exercise five days a week three days at the gym three weight lifting days with cardio on exercise bike three or more days a week walks outside cardio for me combined is five to six or seven days a week with exercise bike walking outdoors in doors or the rowing machine at the gym Aj lee needs to get her head out of her ass shes full of crap

  • Will Henderson

    sounds like AJ is preparing to fight women twice her size in the future when WWE is ready to start pushing her as a wrestler instead of a valet.