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WWE’s Update on Christian, Report on Why He Won’t Be Wrestling at WrestleMania

– WWE posted an injury update on Christian saying that he re-aggravated a prior neck injury during the fight with WWE Champion CM Punk on last night’s RAW Supershow. As noted before, Christian has been pulled from WrestleMania 28 and replaced on Team Laurinaitis by Drew McIntyre.

WWE’s report adds the following:

“Although Christian claimed to also have experienced ankle pain following the onslaught, doctors later confirmed he did not re-aggravate the ankle sprain he suffered last year while on tour in Europe.”

However, reports that Christian was pulled from WrestleMania because his ankle is not 100%. When WWE put the match together, they thought Christian would be ready to go but he’s not.


  • Jon-Jon

    Christian gets involved and screws Team Teddy. That way he still gets his future World Title match. ONE MORE MATCH.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I heard Christian would get a title shot or something along those lines if/when Team Johnny win. So will that still apply? That would be a great angle to bring him back, Getting revenge and a title shot on Punk.

  • CC

    Obviously it depends on if team L wins, but it would be pretty stupid if they used him in the match, protected him, then realised that he wouldnt be able to compete in the title match he was promised if the team win.

  • BigSexy

    Christians inducting edge at the hall of fame
    im sure he will at least be back stage

  • Whooper

    In a 12 man tag team match who would have noticed if Christian would of been involved much or not? But glad to see Drew get a spot

  • Bill

    Maybe he’ll at least be at WM in some capacity.

  • Ant

    atleast drew gets to shine and be at his second wrestlemania so thats good but im still bummed christian wont be at wrestlemania

  • Mark

    yep shame really would have been nice to see him back, still gives drew a chance

  • Splash

    You could see when Christian made his entrance and stood on the middle rope his ankle wasn’t 100%. He didn’t jump off the rope after posing he lightly stepped down from the ropes and then shook his ankle a bit.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    man i feel for christian, they could have had him win MITB had things been different