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WWE/TNA Donate for Foley, Former WWE Star Retires, Scott Steiner Story

– Scott Steiner reportedly told the TOW independent promotion in Quebec that when he was going to work their show on May 3rd, he was turned away from the Canadian border. Steiner actually worked a few independent dates a few weeks back in Canada.

– Former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau Jr. wrestled what he says was his retirement match on May 28th in Drummondville, Quebec in front of a nice crowd of 2,750 fans. Rougeau teamed with his son JJ Rougeau to face Frank the Machine and former WWE star Kurrgan.

– According to the charity organization RAINN, Mick Foley had 700 individuals donate a total of $120,491.89 during the months of April and May. WWE and TNA both contributed $10,000 each.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Both Foley and Dreamer did nothing but take bumps. I don’t care what any troll says about those two.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Fuck tommy dreamer, hes nothin but a talentless jobber who was lucky 2 even get noticed by ecw and wwe

  • keith learmonth

    It’s ironic that you’re basing Dreamer’s legacy on the fact he “Was a key figure in a company which is arguably the most influential promotion in recent history”…

    What style was ECW famous for? Correct me if I’m wrong, but outside certain technical or lucha style matches, ECW was a hardcore wrestling promotion…

    Who was it who revolutionised hardcore wrestling? Mick… Mick someone… Can’t remember his last name, can anyone help?


    They are both worthy of being WARRIORS!

  • Daniel Stockwell

    I think there’s a fair argument to be had as to whether Foley or Dreamer have done more for the industry throughout their careers. On one hand, Foley helped define a style of wrestling which went on to influence the wrestling world immensely. Dreamer on the the other hand was a key figure in a company which is arguably the most influential promotion in recent history.

    Foley has done more in his career but that could be down to several reasons – ie. Vince was a fan of Foley’s look, Vince and Foley got on well etc. Whether he has more achievements under his belt is not important due to wrestlings scripted manner.

    It’s difficult to assess who was more influential as one could argue that without Foley, there would be no Dreamer. However, without Dreamer, hardcore wrestling may have never become what it eventually did. If one were to argue that Dreamer was the more influential then ultimately, the influence of Foley must be recognized but to try and compare someone who helped define a style and someone who helped take that style to the masses is extremely difficult – in a similar argument, it would be like debating over whose the more influential between Heyman and Bischoff.

  • VenomEX

    but….what aboot the mountie?

  • Wellsy


    You diss Foley and then say you’re a Dreamer fan?! Haha.

    Foley did nothing in his career…
    …except being 3x WWE Champ, 1x (and 1st) Hardcore Champ, 8x WWE Tag Champ, 1x WCW Tag Champ, 1x TNA Champ, 1x Legends Champ, 2x ECW Tag Champ, and numerous other titles, main evented WrestleMania, etc.

    What’s Dreamer done in his career?

  • Juggalo

    Wow hey. You can all say what you want but Tommy Dreamer liked to think he was ECW, but he wasn’t. His wrestling’s kinda shabby, and he’s almost just a slow in the ring as Foley. The only difference being that Foley still tries harder.

    Foley is a icon, always will be. And while he probably doesn’t need you as a fan, really? Going to choose the article about his charity donations to pick on him?

    What a douche.

  • sandman

    @ gary Tommy Dreamer only help keep a float the company that changed wrestling forever in ecw.

  • tony belfast

    its terrible to see that most wrestling fans now days cant see any further back than 2004, when the attitude era started to fizz out and wwe began there now shitty ecw and wwe fans thought it was the same thing

  • Gary

    And tommy dreamer did wut? rly? your gna say Mick Foley did nothing for wrestling? if thats so the likes of dreamer wouldnt even be around with out the likes of foley, funk, and the butcher

  • David

    I thought Jacques wrestled a retirement match against Hulk Hogan in 1997 or 1998 and beat him while they were both in WCW!

  • VenomEX

    NOT THE MOUNTIE!!! awe, i’m gonna miss that guy. especially this:

    loved the cattle prod he always carried around. vintage wwf