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More on WWE-TNA and Ric Flair Appearing, E! News Covering WrestleMania Week

– E! News began their four-part coverage on WrestleMania 28 last night. The coverage continues tonight with a sit-down interview with The Rock, Thursday they look at women’s wrestling and Friday they will look at WWE stars who have crossed over into pop culture. E!’s coverage includes interviews with The Miz, John Cena, Kelly Kelly, Chris Jericho and others.

– PWInsider reports that the deal between WWE and TNA for Ric Flair to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony was just finalized yesterday, which is why the press release from both sides came out then.

The issue between WWE and TNA was not Flair attending but Flair, a contracted TNA talent, appearing on WWE’s WrestleMania pay-per-view, Hall of Fame highlights on WWE TV and the DVD release. No word yet on what the negotiations were but there will be no TNA representatives or officials at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

  • JIR

    an idea for a TNA vs WWE PPV should be TNA Champ vs. WWE Champ, Ultimate X between X division and WWE Mid-Card, 8-man Elimination match between Main Eventers, Knockouts vs Divas Champ, TNA tag champs vs. WWE Tag champs. All at a WWE size arena and as for the outcomes let the people in the match flip a coin and just wrestle. Never gonna happen but thats what video games are for

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I am surprised that no trolls are saying how this will lead to a “TNA Invasion”. I honestly do hope that it is a serious possibility sometime down the road, but it would probably never happen unless TNA got bought out, but I think it’d really boost wrestling all around if only for a short time. Of course this has nothing to do with anything, so it will be nice to see Flair at the HoF on TV.