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X-Pac Talks Old School RAW Snub and Company’s Drug Policy, WWE In Latin America

– Regarding last night’s “old school” RAW, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman tweeted the following:

“I dont know why I wasnt at Old School Raw. Maybe everyone should call them and ask them. Dont tell them I told you to call though:) Not that they wont find out anyway, with all the wwe undercover operatives scanning twitterverse. Maybe I just slipped their mind. If u listen to their version of history, i barely existed. f*** em if they cant take a joke. 4 f*** sakes, the election is over. Enough with the PG bullshit Vince. I love you Boss, but come on. Trust me, Im not trying to get a job. Im doing fine & having fun. I just like to play harmless ribs. Someone’s gonna be pissed though. lol! As long as there testing for marijuana, which is totally retarded, I will not pass their drug test. They will drop the pot thing. watch”

– Latin America will see the return of WWE in February 2011, with the following dates announced thus far:

* February 23rd: Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile
* February 24th: Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile
* February 25th: Ruminahui Coliseum in Quito, Ecuador
* February 26th: Alejandro Morera Soto Stadium in San Jose, Costa Rica

Tickets for shows in Ecuador and Costa Rica go on sale December 13th, while tickets for the Chile shows go on sale December 20th.

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  • GenmaRocks

    @SpudimusPirme89. Perhaps you should check your facts before spouting off like an 5 year old saying a cheetah can run at 150 m.p.h.
    Here is a link to one of many studies where alcohol is actually more dangerous than almost any illegal drug out on the streets.

    You sir are an idiot. Thank you for showing how anyone with a computer and an internet connection can type just about anything and get even less intelligent people to believe it.

    BTW I am not pro-pot. Just anti-dumb internet posters.

  • SpudimusPirme89

    @Soulshroude, there’s a flaw in your logic. Alcohol IS classified as a drug. Pot does much worse things to the body quicker that alcohol can. That is why pot is illegal.

  • mabry

    Xpac should stop talking cr*p and get serious about his job, we all know what happened wit TNA, hes very unprofessional.
    And finally WWE is coming back to Chile, i hope i got enough money to go see em again….

  • venom

    X-Pac who?????? Another washed up guy.

  • Chris

    Xpac Us Attitude Era fans miss you….I agree enough of wwe pg

  • Zach

    Yeah Keylo, but HBK is one of the all time greats and can actually wrestle and cut promos. Jeff is fun to watch and actually pulling this heel thing off. Sean is just, well, washed up. When was the last promo of his that kept you awake?

    If WWE wanted him, they’d have him. At this point, he’s begging for a job. Sad really.

  • David

    Yes, they will totally drop the whole “pot thing” just for you Sean. You’re what we need right now in the WWE, you’re the answer to all of our problems and you’re the most unforgettable, most accredited performer that ever leaved. Please bronco-bust Wade Barrett and save us from Nexus’ “winds of change”. Help us Obi Wan Waltman, you’re our only hope.

  • rosscoa7x

    Maybe it’s because you’ve got hepatitis X-Pac you nob you can’t legally wrestle with it

  • idontknow2


  • RawisWar

    Not only in NWO in DX as well in the Attitude Era he was the most controversial of the group and he started that whole in ring chop thing

  • keylo

    I love how everyone slates him, Jeff over weed and yet the biggest druggie ever was HBK , oh but we must not say anything about him as were either of those suspended for steroids like hbk was, no.

  • Ronald

    Who can forget the immortal, the amazing, the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth…. X- Sean “Syxx” Waltman Pac!?!?

    See what marijuana can do to you, kids? Just say no to drugs!

  • Rich

    You Guys Need To Stop Talking Shit About The Legendary XPAC..He Was The Best In NWO And Everyone Knows It.

  • David

    Damn it X-Pac, weed is a drug. Regardless if you think it should be legalized, its illegal and it is classified as a drug. Get over it you f#cking stoner! You would rather live your life sedated than get a good f#cking job?! You need to shave your head and a feel CM Punk’s sweet salvation all over your face.


    I felt like he said he would fail the drug test simply because he was high when he was typing that.