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Yoshi Tatsu Wants Lord Tensai to Change His Name, Says He Will Defeat Him Someday

– Yoshi Tatsu continues to rant about Lord Tensai on Twitter. Yoshi says he wants Tensai to change his name. Here’s what he wrote last night:

“As of today, I am planning to post several tweets regarding my thoughts and feelings toward Lord Tensai. First of all, I have a strong reason why I must defeat Lord Tensai. As in my Japanese lesson, “tensai” means natural disaster.”

“As everyone knows, Japan experienced a major earthquake and tsunami on March 11th of last year. More than 15,000 people lost their lives, over 5,000 people are still missing, and more than 5,000 people were injured. In addition, over 130,000 people lost their homes. Sadly, the recovery has been very slow. Many people are still living in temporary housing, without jobs. Moreover,the Japanese people haven’t been able to recover from the grief of losing family members,including children who lost their parents.”

“Out of respect, I strongly urge Lord Tensai to change his name. As Japanese superstar of WWE, I cannot tolerate him using this name during Japanese appearance. Even though he is tremendously big and very strong, I will defeat him someday. Japan was defeated by natural disasters – “TENSAI”. And I, Yoshi Tatsu is the one who defeats that “TENSAI”. When I beat him, I will make him change his name. This is #YoshiRevolution Episode 1.”

  • voice of reason

    ok the person who disliked my previous post may i ask what there is to dislike about it i went & searched for the meaning of tensai & i gave you the translation of the word hell i even gave you the site where i got the translation from.

    or did you click dislike just for the hell of it.

  • voice of reason

    i’ve checked it out tensai means

    genius, natural disaster, horizon, sugar beet & reprinting

    i’ll give you the site

  • Starship Pain

    Some japanese words sound the same, but means different things depending on the writing used.

    Anyway, Yoshi should be a midcarder ar least, not a jobber. He have the moves, the ability, even that nice, weird look with his attire and his hair. WWE needs to get serious about their international talent…

  • Matt

    devil rising

    Albert spent 8 years in Japan. He adapted their culture, which makes him Japanese.

  • chronoxiong

    Did Yoshi really type this? If so, I would like for the WWE to really let him be himself in the damn ring.

  • Bill

    I was wondering why WWE said Tensai meaned “disaster”. I looked it up when the vignettes first aired, & like Moo said, it means “genius”.

  • Seth

    Damn, Moo is right. We’ve been had.

  • Doin’ fine

    @moo actually tensai has 4 different definitions Yoshis and your wife’s were only 2 out of the 4 > <

    Asian words usually always have more than one meaning

  • Kakarotto

    Although Yoshi Tatsu is a jabroni. I hope they get some real “main event” calibre talent from Japan next time so at least they might make him a top mid-carder.

  • Kakarotto

    Even “The Great Muta” wasn’t used properly in America. One of the best ever.

  • moo

    Yoshi Tatsu is screwing with you people!, Tensai means genius in Japanese!!, look it up!, and I know because my wife lived in Japan most of her life and can speak japanese fluently, she is in the states now but was there during the earthquake. I can understand how Yoshi can ve sensitive about it was freaking horrible but Tensai means genius!!!

  • Machado

    I would like to see a feud develop between Yoshi Tatsu and Lord Tensai in the near future and for it to culminate in a match where if Lord Tensai loses he must change his name.

    Then have Yoshi Tatsu win, he gets a big push and Lord Tensai goes back to his old Albert or A-Train gimmicks.

  • Reverse prince albert

    Natural disasters happen all the time, whats so special about japan? Yoshi should tweet about wwe deleting 911 from old ECW dvds or deleting Earthquake and Typhoon and the Natural Disasters from wwe and wcw tv programming and DVDs too… lol what a dickead, we wont see much of Yoshi. i bet he will never get pushed!

  • scooter

    @devil rising
    Ultimo dragon was overrated fucking idiot used to use tombstones as part of the heat!

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s just sad to me that they have to repackage a white American wrestler as a Japanese wrestler, and HE gets a bigger push than any actual Japanese wrestler has gotten from WWE in…..just about ever. If you remember, Yokozuna had a “Japanese” name, but he was never supposed to be from Japan, he was just a Samoan wrestler who “wrestled as a Sumo in Japan”.

    Tajiri is the only one I can think of that got a decent, and consistent push, as far as being popular with fans, being a Cruiserweight Champion, Light Heavyweight champ, Tag champ (both belts), and US Champ. Even then, he was never treated like a big star…but at least he was USED.

    Taka Michinoku, when he was first brought in, was treated like a big deal. They made him the first ever Light Heavyweight champion, he even had a Wrestlemania match for it. Within a year, he, and the LHW title, were treated like a joke. Kenzo Sazuki was brought in with a lot of hype, but he didn’t want to use the ridiculous “America hating Japanese Seeking Revenge for WWII” gimmick they had cooked up for him, so they made him a doofus instead. Yoshi Tatsu has never been anything but a jobber. Hell, they wasted and squandered ULTIMO DRAGON, one of the most decorated wrestlers in pro wrestling history, not to mention one of the best CW talents ever, by mostly having him work on Velocity. The guy was also brought in with big hype, and then they did nothing with him. No run with the CW title, no big feud with Rey Mysterio (ala WCW), nothing. What a waste.

    And quite frankly, that’s rather shameful, considering many Japanese wrestlers are some of the very best on the planet.

  • Straight-edge

    i for one cant buy in too Lord Tensai. to me he will always be mid-card albert u can shave your back all you want. at the end of the day your still a-train which is so much better then lord tensai.

  • TheSheepDog

    abit of truth? LOL yowza someone needs to look at more websites or at least see the news, the natural disasters happened, his name could have been something else, easily as intimidating

    #barr sheep barr

  • yofits

    Yoshi should be the IC champ. Not Cody “lots of moles” Rodes.
    Cody prolly has skin cancer from all those blacks moles of his.

  • scooter

    Cena loses to Tensai Yoshi Tatsu makes the save YES! YES! YES!

  • Seth

    And you’re an idiot. Story line or not, I think there is a bit of truth to what Yoshi is saying.

  • Albert

    Yoshi should have his twin sister from Japan by his side when he fights 🙂 she cheer for him Ling Ling