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The Young Bucks talk about a potential WWE run

The Young Bucks

In the past couple of years, WWE has signed some of the best independent wrestlers from around the globe. However, The Young Bucks have remained to be a team which doesn’t appear to be interested in signing with the company anytime soon.

During their recent appearance on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360, Podcast, they were again asked about a potential WWE run. Replying to it Matt Jackson said that currently, they have no plans of going to WWE though things can change in a year and a half:

“Our names are always floating up according to our buddies. If you asked me right now no, why do I even need to go there at this point, in a year in a half from now the landscape may change. We may have to go somewhere different, do something different to get hot again. I’ll never ever say never.”

Talking about The Meltzer Driver they delivered in the memory of Herbert Meltzer, the late father of wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer during Night 2 of The G1 US Special, they said that they felt terrible when they heard the news about his dad:

“We knew that his dad was battling cancer for awhile. We knew this weekend we’d do something for him. We didn’t know he passed away during the weekend. So we’re like “Ah Man, This is terrible.” We felt like doing something because wrestling was his life.”

Apart from this The Young Bucks also talked about teaming up with Hot-Topic Matt and more.