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Possible Zack Ryder Angle, The Miz’s WWE Status, More Details on Antonio Cesaro

– As noted last week, Zack Ryder was complaining on Twitter about how WWE edited his YouTube show and were censoring him. It’s likely that Ryder’s complaining is all part of the storylines.

– While it may appear that The Miz has lost his spot on the WWE roster, sources report that there is almost no chance at all that he will be released any time soon.

– The finishing move that Antonio Cesaro is using in WWE starts as a Gotch-style piledriver similar to the one Jerry Lynn does but then he falls forward with a face slam, similar to Triple H’s Pedigree. The move is called the Gotch Style Neutralizer.

Cesaro debuted on WWE TV last week in a backstage segment with Aksana, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis. He will make his in-ring debut this Friday on SmackDown in a “tryout match” against Tyson Kidd, arranged by Laurinaitis.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • SYM

    @Angry Benny I think its because he let R-truth Fall Live on RAW. But Miz does get a Match against Santino on the Extreme Rules PreShow for the US Title so who knows.

  • Angry Benny

    Does anybody know why the Miz is in the doghouse? I’ve posted this before and cannot get a good answer?

  • sam

    okay someone is using the same name as me so i will try an call myself sam mccourt in future… anyway i really do think its time for a face turn for the miz, it would be something fresh

  • SYM

    Does anyone even watch Ryder’s Internet Show anymore? KAMALA’S LEG should have a Show!

  • Kakarotto

    WWE should allow variations of Piledriver. It is one of those moves which can add to a character. At least good workers like Cesaro should be allowed to use them if they fear that a botch might result in an injury. Only Undertaker uses a Piledriver variation (Kane used to but doesn’t anymore) and is allowed only because it’s one of his signature moves and he does it safely.

  • True money

    ^ dis nigga…..

  • kamala’s leg

    Miz is sucking on my foot.

  • chronoxiong

    Move Miz to Smackdown. He can prosper there against the almighty Sheamus.

  • sam

    i think Miz would benefit from a face turn his heel act has got stale past few months and it isnt garnering much heat like it used to

  • CC

    things like this happen from time to time with a lot of main eventers.
    even sheamus had a very lean period after his initial success, and now he is back on top again.

  • nick


  • Valo487

    Did anyone think he was going to be released? I hadn’t heard anyone suggesting it.

  • KpNuttzLol

    It’s hard to believe in under a year Miz has gone from main eventing Wrestlemania and defending the Wwe Championship to a long losing streak and mid card status. Someone backstage must hate him.

  • so is antonio finisher kinda like christopher daniels angels wings?

  • Prince

    It’s a shame how far Miz has fallen. He obviously has the talent, he just doesn’t give a damn. If he did, he’d still be at the top. He only has himself to blame.