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Zack Ryder & Chris Jericho Comment On WWE Snubbing Ryder On RAW

After WWE failed to book Long Island native Zack Ryder on Monday’s episode of RAW from the Nassau Coliseum, WWE star Dolph Ziggler went on Twitter and said the company “kicked [Ryder] in the nuts.”

Former WWE star Chris Jericho is the latest person to speak out about Ryder being left off television in front of his hometown crowd. Jericho tweeted on Tuesday:

“So LAME that WWE didn’t include @ZackRyder on Raw last night. No reason not to!! Wrestling is supposed to be FUN remember? Time to riot…”

Zack Ryder commented on the situation on Tuesday:

“I wasn’t on Raw…(besides all the Ryder signs and chants)…but you can catch me this Thursday on WWE Superstars.”

Wade Barrett showed support for Ryder as well on Tuesday, tweeting, “WWWYKI.”

  • The man is vary crazy
    I don’t get this complete fixation also. Is he really that enjoyable on his youtube show? I still think the whole “woo woo woo” catch idiom is extremely lame

  • This man is CREAZY!
    I don’t to know what his mother
    gave him to eat when he was young..


  • Tweek

    For the people who do not understand why there is so much fuss about Ryder: He’s doing a Youtube show called Z! True long Island story. In which he does some funny sketches (i guess) about his position in the WWE, He’s gaining a lot of fans from that.

  • cam

    it would so gold if ryder won a title last in his hometown

  • Treg

    Yeah.. I don’t get this whole thing either. Is he really that entertaining on his youtube show? I still think the whole “woo woo woo” catch phrase is incredibly lame.

  • Humper!

    Like forreal Im lost… Whats the big “SUDDEN” fuss about Ryder. What did he do?

  • xcxvx

    I gotta say, the mot exciting thing in wrestling, for the past month or so, has been Ryder. The guy didn’t like his spot, so he decided to make a change. He took the internet, a promotional tool generally reserved in entertainment for musicians, and used it to gain notoriety in pro wrestling. The guy is a pioneer. To hear those Ryder chants and seeing those signs this past Monday was truly amazing to me. The guy is starting a movement. If WWE doesn’t see the potential in this guy, they are missing out. Personally, I have never been this adamant about a wrestler getting a push. But this guy deserves it. I just hope WWE sees what they have before it’s too late. They need to capitalize on the situation NOW!

  • K Roy

    they didnt put him on air because they have been trying to portray him as a heel who hangs out with ziggler…WWE are so out of touch sometimes. if the miz goes to cleveland he will get a huge pop, then he will cut the audience to get cheap heat…i dont see whats wrong with portraying the characters more grey, especially when they are in their hometowns, let them take the pop’s the fans are giving.

    its vince wanting to control the fans, perfect example is cena. i am a big cena supporter, i am constantly annoyed with the people on here who rip him. but what i do think cena is a perfect example of is how when the fans gave him massive heat he should have been turned. what happened to the fans having the final say?

    the best was back when bret hart would come home to canada. we would cheer him and he would be a face in canada and around the world, but in the states he was the heel. why cant they do that anymore? ryder is perfect example! have him take the pop at home for the night, doesnt mean you cant have him be a heel next week. vince of course wont do that because while we understand whats going on, the 8 year old vince is desperatley trying to appeal to will be confused.

    too bad

  • Evil Doink

    On a positive note, at least John Cena gave him a high five and a head nod a few weeks ago…

  • In Grind We Crust

    “So LAME that WWE didn’t include @ZackRyder on Raw last night. No reason not to!! Wrestling is supposed to be FUN remember? Time to riot…” my thoughts exactly.

  • ICE

    hehe jericho said the W word

  • Logan

    Damn right it’s time to riot!

  • Jimbo

    Yeah, what is WWE going to do? Fire everyone for showing support for Ryder? How long is Vince going to keep him off TV?


    ryder for wwe champ!!!

  • Bentley

    WWE sucks! They DON’T care what the fans want! Screw WWE! The professional wrestling world has gone to shit!

  • King Wrex

    I must be the only one besides Vince who sees absolutely nothing in Ryder. I’m perfectly happy with him not showing up.


    woo woo woo, you know it

  • Zidano666

    Fucking Joke He Wasn’t On Raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This Guy

    WWE screwed Ryder last night.
    I mean come on,they didn’t put him on RAW on a 3hour edition in his hometown. Not even a backstage cameo appearence with Cena.

  • Elizabeth

    Yeah man!!! RYder OR RIOT WOO WOO you know it bro.

  • Stevie P

    Even the wrestlers are behind him. WWWYKI!!!