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Zack Ryder Comments on Car Accident, Andy Leavine Update

– WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine, who was released from WWE earlier this year, is booked this weekend on WWC shows in Puerto Rico.

– Following the car accident he was involved in last evening, Zack Ryder posted the following update on his Twitter account.

My neck is bothering me but there is no stopping the Ryder Revolution…

  • Seth

    It makes me happy to know you aren’t happy d.

  • d

    i would have been happy if he died in that accident…..#uselessfellow

  • Buttercastle

    Oh I forgot. To show them on tv once right after the series ends and then anyone who isn’t in the IWC never hears from them again.

    At least that was last season.

  • Buttercastle

    The point of tough enough is to feature young people who may have some talent, but always the one with the most talent gets taken off a third of the way through the season so then you don’t really end up caring about the end result.

  • @TrevorAllen23

    WTF is the point of Tough Enough if your not gonna be used? I mean Puder was at least in the Rumble and had a match againt the Miz on a PPV. Maven was Hardcore Champion, Jackie Gayda was used, Linda Milea Aka Shaniqua was even used with the Bashams in ’03

  • Bawb

    Car accidents can stop Ryder Revolutions because they are car accidents, Zack.

    All seriousness, best wishes/speed recovery. Come back with a heel turn/push!

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    @SYM he was in a car accident, what do you expect?

  • SYM

    Ryder wants sympathy. You can tell because hes telling everyone “My neck hurts but I’ll tough it out :(” UR A DAMN WRESTLER! Ur Neck should HURT!