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Zack Ryder Defends His WWE Internet Title, CM Punk Update

– WWE continued the CM Punk storyline at today’s WWE live event in Melbourne, Australia, the same angle that we posted from the Sydney show where Punk had his mic cut off after trashing the McMahons. Punk then goes on to trash the ringside area before losing to Rey Mysterio.

Also at the Melbourne show, Zack Ryder defended his WWE Internet Title, the same replica WWE belt that he has on his YouTube show. Ryder defeated Primo.

  • adam tarasievich

    @danielbryanfan. If you make it so its just on superstars then that is kind of like the new tna explosion title or whatever there calling it. Except the difference is for some reason when you win tna’s explosion title you get a actual championship match of your chossing so its kinda like money in the bank. Also kind of pimpin myself out but since its about wrestling at times i have a sports show sundays at 1 tune in text call and ya.

  • LVW

    They should incoroprate the old hardcore belt 24/7 rule into the internet title. Imagine a NXT rookie winning it on

  • Daniel_Bryan_fan

    Would be god if WWE/Ryder Make the Internet title a title just to defend on WWE superstars

  • Generic Troll

    @Keith Learmonth i’m an aussie too and i got no idea why your offended, Haha! Said the clown is just saying that the previous article called ‘Punk Storyline Continues in Australia, DH Trains at Batista’s Gym, More’says:

    ‘WWE continued the CM Punk storyline at Friday’s RAW live event in Sydney, Australia. It was announced before the show that CM Punk was suspended but Vince McMahon and Punk had reached an agreement that he would only perform on live events and not TV shows. Punk then came out and cut a promo on the McMahon family, among others, before they cut his mic off. This all led to Punk losing to Rey Mysterio in the opening match.’

    ..which is extremely similar to the above posted message that just has Sydney replaced with Melbourne, go have a lil sook somewhere else he in no way insulted Australia, just this writer’s desperate attempt to pad his news story about Long Island Iced Z. WWWYKI

  • Seth

    Next on Z True Long Island Story…

  • cam

    ryder and primo could main event wressmaina in a internet tiltle match 😛

  • “Haha! Said the clown”.

    As an australian, I find your comment offensive.

    If anyone “copied and pasted”, it was WWE, in this case.

    Sydney, and Melbourne, however, are not the same city… so Middleton didn’t just copy the same story.

  • Stevie P

    They actually should have him “defending” it. Total rip off of the Million Dollar belt but it works and could go with his gimmick.

  • cam

    lol the internet title match would overshadow rock cena at maina 😉

  • Bill

    @adam t, that’s actually a good idea. One of those titles that don’t really count….

  • adam tarasievich

    They should have him defend it on tv. They can make it like the million dollar championship.

  • Chryogenos

    Primo as the internet champion…. Doesn’t sounds good!

  • Joe

    Wait….Ryder won a match? Sweet!

  • The Irish Bulldog

    Wait….Primo is still around? You have got to be kidding me

  • Haha! Said the clown

    lol Marc…I think you’re messing with us now…it looks like you literally copied and pasted the exact story about Punk’s storyline in Australia.