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Zack Ryder Discusses John Cena, His Title Hopes for 2012 and More

– Zack Ryder spoke with The UK’s Daily Star this past week. Here are some highlights:

John Cena:
“John Cena has been supportive of my YouTube show, with loads of re-Tweets of my stuff. There’s no way you can hate on that! Cena has been supportive of me from day one. At one time John was the prototype, he was young and hungry. I think John saw himself in me – he was someone at the bottom and he changed up, started rapping, and took the initiative. I’m not getting ahead of myself.”

His hopes for 2012:
“In January 2011 I was a nobody on RAW at best. By the end of 2011, I was US Champion. By December 2012, I want to be wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

Winning the US Title and potential WrestleMania match vs. Jack Swagger:
“I think it would bring prestige back to the title, again. Dolph Ziggler did that, it was a big deal when I won it. It put some stock in the title.”

  • Tyler(:

    Ryder is one hell of a bad wrestler. Glad Swag got the title.

  • kamala’s foot

    Ryder should have won the Rumble and faced punk at mania. You guys don’t like that???? Looks like Zyder lost his buzz.

  • venom

    i wouldn’t mind seeing Ryder vs Swagger, but no Ryder vs Kane at Mania.

  • 808notsogreat

    @CC Classic.


  • CC

    “I think John saw himself in me – he was someone at the bottom”
    men who see themselves in other men usually go for the bottom

  • Hasan

    Well guess what.. you’re gonna be a nobody again if you don’t come up with new and better catchphrases and a new gimmick!