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Zack Ryder Headed to WWE HQ, Rock Comments on Survivor Series, More

– WWE’s website features a new video interview with The Miz and R-Truth, who are ready for Sunday’s Survivor Series match against John Cena and The Rock. Rock wrote the following on Twitter today:

“1977 Madison Square Garden. My grandfather wrestles for the WWE World Championship. This Sunday – I come home. #TheGarden”

– WWE’s Facebook page currently has a survey up asking fans to vote on a new t-shirt for WrestleMania 28.

– Zack Ryder is headed to Stamford today to film for WWE Classics On Demand. He wrote on Twitter:

“Headed to Stamford, CT to get some answers about this #manhattanscrewjob…just kidding…filming for WWE Classics on Demand.”

  • venom

    Yea, that comment is stupid. We know you are joking, but it’s not worth posting to end up in jail. If you think they can’t track you, then you better think again.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @scooter better watch what you post on the net dude. Youll have homeland security all over your butt. We know your kidding but those guys dont joke.

  • scooter

    If zack ryder doesn’t get his us title shot I’ll blow up wwe HQ just as I cooled down from mickie getting released as well AHH!