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Zack Ryder News, Comments from John Cena & John Morrison, Lawler to Referee

– John Cena wrote the following to fans on Twitter this afternoon:

“CeNation. Lots of comments about how I should not be #1 contender for title. Don’t worry, ill only be there for another 2 weeks…… Then…the new #1 contender…will have to deal with me. #riseabovehate. Enjoy your day ;)”

– As noted before, Jerry Lawler will team with Dory Funk Jr. and Colby Weston at Funk’s !BANG! TV tapings on September 10th in Ocala, Florida. Lawler will also special referee a match with Hollywood Heather vs. Claudia Reiff.

– For what it’s worth, John Morrison wrote the following on Twitter today: “At work sometimes I say stuff like “that makes sense” or “Great idea!” #WhiteLies.”

– Zack Ryder wrote on Twitter that his Broski headbands will be on sale for the first time at tonight’s RAW Supershow in Columbus and will come with an autograph. Ryder also revealed that his Broski shades will be released soon.


    Hey breezy Morrison isnt there cause he is crap he has got no charisma what so ever and some of his moves just are so impossible that you can tell that its his opponent doing all the work

  • breezy

    morrison looking to lose his job to go to tna? would be a great move maybe they will give him the push he deserves. early in the year everyone was talking about morrison deserves the title this year because yes he was the most entertaining but they dropped the ball on his push. he deserves better, they treat him like shit because of melina. now she is gone get him back where he belongs

  • Splash

    Take care, Spike your Hair; I don’t care. Ryder is as exciting in the ring as Cena. Getting some cheap laughs on the internet doesn’t make you great in the ring. Taking a piss is more exciting then watching a Ryder match.

  • Buttercastle

    Sweeeet I want some broski shades.