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Zack Ryder Reportedly Demoted Due To Low Rating, Tony Chimel Resurfaces

— Dave Meltzer stated on the Dec. 27 edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Zack Ryder being placed in a romance storyline with Eve Torres and away from the main event scene stems from the staggeringly low quarter hour rating for last week’s Raw SuperShow main event, which saw Long Island Iced-Z, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan stand tall against The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

The main event garnered a 2.67 cable rating (2.55 for the first half of the bout), which was the lowest-rated main event on Raw in 2011 and possibly the lowest since Dec. 8, 1997 for a non-holiday show in its regular time slot. The overrun gained 59,000 viewers, which is considered terrible.

The Ryder/Torres storyline is slated to continue for at least a few weeks.

— Tony Chimel resurfaced at Tuesday’s WWE television tapings in Indianapolis, Indiana as the ring announcer for WWE NXT and WWE Superstars. He takes over for Eden Stiles, who parted ways with the organization last week. Chimel was removed as SmackDown ring announcer earlier this month due to Lilian Garcia’s return to the company.

  • sandman

    wwe needs to push ziggler as a main event heel and make him to be more serious main event talent.

  • Dante Gabriel

    Guess the WWE board is tired of Ryder milking this gimmick for all it’s worth. He’s made the best of what would’ve originally been just another come-and-go gimmick and WWE can’t stand that.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Yeah I guess you can. Hell you can blame the President of the United States if thats what you want to do. Dont mean your right, but it dont mean your wrong either. The point is that none of us are back there every night trying to do the storylines, we dont have any idea what they have to deal with talent wise, Hell we dont actually have any idea about any of it. Yeah its fun to come on here and make like we are all experts and know more than anyone in WWE but fact is we dont. Like I said it is fun and we all, me included will continue to do so but that dont really make it right.

  • Bawb


    We can blame Creative. Different group of writers than the ones that gave us the Rock, Austin, etc. Sure, we can blame the wrestlers for not stepping up. But we can absolutely blame the writers as well.

  • Emerson

    I’ve never been high on zack ryder, He is a good schtick charecter but how can you take a charecter like his seriously as a contender? He has a nice niche following but would you honestly pay to see him a headline a ppv? I know I wouldn’t. Twitter and youtube made zack ryder and WWE is really high on twitter right now but I think if he is to be taken seriously he needs a serious change or he will never be more than a mid carder.

  • Kamala’s Foot

    If Ryder is going to get demoted, then take the title off of him. Ryder is too much of a goofy character like Santino. He’ll be back on Superstars.

  • stockshark

    ITs because Ryder is an old man doing a stupid gimmik that you brian dead Universe drones tear Robbie E up for doing! Shut the F up for once he is killing the ratings deal with it!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Lets be honest about all this. Before we call creative team idiots or Vince who turned WWE into a billion dollar company and brought wrestling to the mainstream stupid, Ever stop to think that maybe just maybe they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with?
    Before you hate on Cena or Orton have you ever stopped to think that maybe they have helped to keep WWE going the last few years? and maybe they are doing the best they can considering who they are working with.
    Punk, Ziggler and Rhodes in my opinion are the only ones really stepping up and standing out. Thought the Miz was going to but he needs to let his character evolve.

    You want the next Rock, Austin, Undertaker, or even Hulk Hogan well it’s up to the performers themselves to step up and stand out. Vince and his teamm cannot make them be awesome on the mic or exciting in the ring, it’s up to the men themselves.

  • Stevie P

    Remember guys, it seems like it was never Creatives idea to give Ryder a push but Punks. So now they have an excuse to not push him. It sucks though because he’s way over.

  • Ghost

    Its low because the majority if WWEs fans had to go to bed cuz it was past their bed times

  • zach

    LMAO Dave Meltzer is an idiot

  • Whatever

    solution for low ratings: stop that fucking pg shit!
    yeah, less kids will watch the show but come on, make it more hardcore again!

  • Whalebosk

    This ratings stuff is such BS. People in WWE forget or neglect to realize that Wrestling, just flat out isn’t as popular as it used to be and it never will be again. Obviously, Ryder and Punk especially (in regards to the previous report) are doing something right. Just listen to the f’n fans at events. It is crazy how over Punk is.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Well Alberto is boring, he Miz has become repetitive, And Bryan really needs to go eat a hamburger. so why do they blame this all on Ryder or Punk?

  • Tyler(:

    Couldn’t give a shit, Ryder’s overrated.

  • Bawb

    I’ll probably get a lot of flack for saying this, but Ryder’s overambitious underdog fan-favorite face gimmick will get old very fast. It already is, and I hope AT LEAST one of the three champions they had in that main event last week will turn heel. I hope to see him turn heel very soon.

    I wouldn’t even mind a ruse on the fans. I think the best example of this was The Rock during Survivor Series 1998. After he left the Nation, he was surging as a fan favorite face, and in almost the whole PPV, it was almost too good to be true for all of us. The main-event screwjob when he won the title AND turned heel by joining the corporation was epic and memorable. Would love to see something like that again.

  • Starship Pain

    It’s no his fault. Is WWE’s fault for keeping the same guys. Maybe if WWE do some moves in some guys and push them to correctly…

  • ArkhamCitySaint

    i think its awesome that he has only been champion for two weeks, and now he is getting dumped like this allegedly.. then again maybe this storyline could be a jumping point for him if he plays it right

  • WeAreOne

    He may be demoted but atleast he is still US champion

  • Bill

    @bonerjams, yes. Several times. In fact, Scott Steiner repeatedly told the fans to shut up during one of his rage rants.

  • Jimbo

    Hah, so I guess they made Ryder the fall-guy. Funny though, how other certain superstars can stay in the main-event despite low ratings because they sell lots of merchandise…..

  • Stupid Booking

    Well, maybe WWE should consider that “pushing” someone doesn’t necessarily mean they should be thrust immediately into the main event with John Cena. I mean, the guy is the current U.S. Champion so he is considered mid-card. But guess what? It’s okay to have a popular mid-card guy, as he is still building his status and reputation. Yes, he is popular, but you do not get “main event” popularity overnight.

    Remember when guys like Triple H and The Rock battled over the IC belt for what seemed like years? Two popular mid-card guys, paying their dues.

    But no, WWE has to force feed us everything and expect us to like it. Keep Ryder off TV for a year, then suddenly put him on screen with John Cena every week? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Give the guy a fair chance to shine on his own instead of basing decisions on ratings during a 6-man tag match that also didn’t make any sense other than it was just for fun. Really? Really?

  • bonerjams

    Bill is that true? Did the audience chant we want ryder? Lol

  • CC

    Since when, apart from the odd match here and there, is Ryder a part of the main event scene anyway?
    The fact that he is being put in a storyline with Eve is not what I’d call a demotion, as it will probably get him more attention/screen time rather than less.

    He is US champion, not world champion or WWE champion, so there was never any suggestion that he would be a regular main eventer just yet.
    Sounds like another bullshit story for the sake of it, just so the dirtsheets have something to post.

  • Bill

    Yeah, when people watching TNA chant “We Want Ryder”, I doubt that Zack’s not being a draw. Idiots.

  • adam

    Maybe its because del rio and they should demote him and his lame ass jbl rip off charcter

  • kitkrock

    are you serious bro?