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– WWE will be releasing new Dolph Ziggler shirts soon.

– Matt Hardy, Scott Steiner, The Barbarian, The Rock & Roll Express and Nikita Koloff are scheduled for the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Clash of Champions on February 25th in Cheraw, South Carolina at the Cheraw High School.

– The name of Wade Barrett’s new theme song is “Just Don’t Care Anymore” and it is available on iTunes.

– Zack Ryder wrote the following in response to fans saying he “sold out” by moving his YouTube show to WWE’s revamped YouTube channel:

“I’m confused…Doesn’t one need to receive money to “sell out”?”

  • Buttercastle

    The term “selling out” only applies if he’s now getting paid and whoever is paying him is running his show and making it completely different. It would make more sense to say he sold out if they paid him not to make videos anymore and he accepted it.

  • Phil Collins

    The guy is going places and I thought that’s what everyone (myself included) wanted for him…and he’s right is he even getting paid for that?

  • kamala’s foot


    Last time I checked, Ryder isn’t on tv every week because he is selling an injury.

  • John

    Im not a fan of Ryder at all but even I’ll admit that reaction is rediculous. All I hear for months is how this guy needs to be a star and get pushed. Well now he’s getting that treatment and people call him a sell-out. There’s no way to make the IWC happy. Either they don’t push him and the IWC calls the wwe bookers stupid or they do push him in which case he loses his appeal to his internet fans.

  • scooter

    ryder got over and is being rewarded a sell out would have been someone who gave up and started ass kissing to get a push

  • venom

    Wait for people to start crying about The Rock.

  • Sean Mooney

    Wade Barrett’s old theme song was much better.

  • Devil_Rising

    I really never have gotten this “you sold out” bullshit that fans of ANYTHING, be it wrestling, movies, music, you name it, dole out on a regular basis.

    The reality is, give me a fucking break tards. If ANY of us got the chance to follow our dreams and make a LOT of money doing so, we’d jump at it. Only a fucking moron would “stay underground” when they had a chance to be a big success, just “on principle”. It’s commendable to never stop doing something for the LOVE of it, but to NOT also want money and recognition and success? That is just plain idiotic.

    You don’t get into the music business to WANT to be some unknown, underground Indy act for your entire career. You don’t get into wrestling because you WANT to stay some unknown Indy sensation your WHOLE career. You get into it, because it’s your dream, and you want that dream to take you as far as it can. Usually, ideally, to the top.

    People said Metallica “sold out” after they signed to Elektra. People said they “sold out” again after they made a ballad on their second album. People said they “sold out” again, after their third album brought them a lot of fame, and they toured with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne. People said they “sold out” again, after their first bassist died, and they continued on without him. People said they “sold out” again, after they changed their style, and made one of the most recognized rock/metal albums of all time in “The Black Album”. People said they “sold out” after THAT, for cutting their hair. And this was all LONG before “The Napster Incident”. See the pattern there?

    A lot of idiots use the “sell out” card, for no good or rational reason, over ANY type of indication that the person or thing they claim to like, is getting famous or successful. Like suddenly it isn’t cool to like something anymore, because other people catch on and start liking it. God forbid, right? I say, more power to Ryder. He’s far from my favorite wrestler, but I say more power to him. I’d rather see someone like HIM get big, than to have to keep seeing people like Cena, Orton, Batista, Sheamus, etc.

  • kamala’s foot

    Zack Ryder did sell out. He is selling an injury just to not wrestle. I agree a lot of these idiots complain that ryder isn’t on tv. Now that he is shoved down outr throats, these losers are still not happy.

  • CC

    Most of the people saying he sold out would give their left nut to be signed with WWE and be on their youtube channel. Ya gotta hate that small time mentality which says you can only be a man of the people if you stay small.
    As Stevie P said, they bitch when he is ignored, then bitch when he is given more attention.

  • WeAreOne

    I was kinda hoping he would pull a Jeff Hardy and say “I didn’t sell out I sold in”

  • KpNuttzLol

    He’s hardly sold out. He’s just moving it to a more convenient channel where more people can find it. A true “broski” would follow his show wherever it went.

  • Stevie P

    The IWC is great, they want this guy to be pushed and then when he is, the say he sold out. ROFL what do you want from the guy?

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