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New Zack Ryder Video, WWE Studios Update, JR and NXT News

– Below is the latest episode of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show, taped after Monday’s RAW:

– Stan sent word that there was 17 minutes and 44 seconds of in-ring action on this past Tuesday night’s WWE NXT.

– Jim Ross posted the following update on his Twitter today after this week’s stomach surgery: “”Thx to all for their get well wishes. Very sore today. 11 stomach staples=not cool. Our Dallas/Strikeforce trip off. New blog coming soon.”

– WWE Studios is currently planning on releasing 5 more movies from now through 2012.

  • cam

    the back burner bit was fnny lol

  • cam

    woo woo woo you know it

  • edo.risk

    Turn him face and send him to SD!

  • Sam Peters

    Oh god…Melina is now cheating on jomo with Zack’s dad…when will she stop 😛

    Ryder should defo have a mid card run, make him US Champion !!!

  • Stevie P

    The reaction to Ryder was crazy on Superstars. Keep it up!

  • Hombre Malo

    Stan got a shout out from bischoff.

  • killer bee

    Not ryder stuff I mean the studio crap . H

  • killer bee

    Stop with the damn movies already they suck ass

  • Robby Williams

    Woo Woo Woo you know it… Damn he really needs a push