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Zack Ryder’s Latest YouTube Video, Update on WWE Trademarks

– Below is episode #27 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show:

– Ed sent word that WWE also trademarked “The Great White” back on August 10th. Ed also noted that “The Great White” trademark and the recent “Future Endeavored” trademarks indicate that they may be used for a new character, based on how they were registered.

  • venom

    If TNA was tradmarking Great White, then I would say it’s for Fatt”The Great White Whale” Hardy.

  • d

    @ b i agree as Ryder could get a push for at least the us title and truth can keep up with his conspiracy theory as he’s been on a decent push and Ryder came from nowhere

  • B

    I actually think R-Truth vs Zack Ryder could make for a really good storyline, if done right.

  • CC

    “trademarks indicate that they may be used for a new character, based on how they were registered.”
    So how was they registered to make someone believe that then?
    If Ed believes this, why doesnt he explain his reasoning as quite frankly the above mentioned names (Laurinaitis was also mentioned by several people here yesterday) seem to be a perfect fit.

    I dont see what the difference there would be in how they register a name for an existing character vs a new character, as all they are registering is names, not gimmicks etc.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Now that u said that @omar i think Sheamus did refer to himself as a white shark or whale or somethin when he told henry he was scared to come n the ring against him. Makes u wanna go check that out

  • Ron

    @dave and @omar

    i think you both are correct.

  • Dave

    John Laurinaitis will be Mr Future Endevoured. That looks to be the way they are setting him up.

  • Omar

    The Great White is for Sheamus. I don’t know about Future Endeavor tho …

  • The Fork on the left

    The future endeavored are coming back to wwe to battle Juan Chena and Shriple Haiche