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Zeb Colter Welcomes Antonio Cesaro, Jim Ross Says Mark Henry Had Him Fooled, More

– Jim Ross says Mark Henry got him with his retirement tease on RAW tonight, just before he attacked John Cena. Ross tweeted:

“Yes…I truly thought @TheMarkHenry was calling it a career. Helluva job…legit got me.”

– Speaking of Henry, he tweeted after RAW:

“When I stop laughing at ALL of you I will send a proper tweet.”

– Zeb Colter wrote the following about bringing Antonio Cesaro into his stable on tonight’s RAW:

“Tried to tell you all that del Rio was “using our country” for his own benefit. SEEN IT BEFORE. WELCOME @AntonioCesaro to #wethepeople. If tonight intrigued you, believe this. #wethepeople w/ @RealJackSwagger & @AntonioCesaro, WE DON’T FORGET AND WE DON’T FORGIVE. #wwe”

  • terrible dream

    i have no bias because i dont favor one of the other things should be balanced
    ok what does selling have to do with someones push
    ok i said no matter the outcome as long as the wrestlings good from both competitors who cares about who wins
    see people like you care too much about the person who wins and who loses instead of the wrestlers

  • Pewp

    1. I realize that Brock is already over, so he can afford to sell more and limp around hurt more. He did a great job selling Triple H in their cage match.

    2. Just because every wrestler has a “set” of moves doesn’t mean that it becomes walt disney predictable every time its “his turn”.

    You have a biased view of wrestling, because you have biases. Saying otherwise means you can’t be reasoned with. Glad I don’t live with you. Everyone, EVERYONE is biased, if you weren’t then you wouldn’t have an opinion.

    Lastly, there is a difference between having a strong face emerge victorious, and booking him over the heel a few times; and doing in a way which leaves the heel with no “grace” afterward.

  • terrible dream

    you do realize the presence that brock brings is completely different than ryback’s and stature does play a role in that brock is a bigger “star” than ryback (yes i do understand younger stars needing a push)and most wrestling matches are formulaic but it’s the wrestling that goes on in the match which makes it great
    as you’ve seen before with c.m punk,daniel bryan,chris jericho,and dolph ziggler it doesn’t matter whether you’re heel or face the crowd will cheer for who they want to

    No i don’t have a biased of wrestling at all because i dont think of what i personally want i think of what works

  • Pewp

    Maybe I should say that John Cena is more like Ultimate Warrior in the role he is used in (if contrasting to hogan) except Cena does have more talent than Hogan or Warrior.

    However as far as the “role”, I would say more like Warrior and less like Hogan. Wanna know whats sad? I think he would make a better “savage” (but I guess that is reserved for orton, right?)

  • Pewp

    I am against using guys like Super Cena to be the “Pushkiller”, I have seen it many, many times.

    Everyone has a biased view on wrestling, you dolt. My biases are that I prefer heels over faces, and I prefer strong heels. I like faces to put over their opponents rather than tromp them.

    I also don’t care much for formulaic, obvious matches. Cena falls into that role of Hogan (not top star, but annoying formulaic guy).

    Cena is good as a top guy, but you know what was different between his feud with Ryback and with Brock last year? Brock didn’t get made to look weak up to the show, and Cena made him look good, they made each other look good. Cena made Ryback look like NXT’s Skip Sheffield.

  • terrible dream

    you’re taking the john cena thing too damn far
    when brock left john cena became the top star because people gravitated towards hims now there looking for that net polarizing superstar
    (you have a very biased view on wrestling)

  • Pewp

    God, that is what I am afraid of. All the predictable outcomes, obvious results and killed pushes leading to many talented superstars in the same position they were in during Triple H’s “bullcrap” post attitude era.

    It was great, at first. Then, little by little, it just became sickening. These days we get the same 2 superstars against each other every week. Sick of Shield/Hell No variants yet? Shield is much cooler when they aren’t just the “other guys who have belts” that out of the last 20 weeks or so, have had 80% of their matches with them.

    I love the shield, but I am waiting for Cena vs The Shield in a Hell in a Cell match, and he gives all 3 the AA at the same time.

  • terrible dream

    i know they want cena to hold the belt longer cm punk

  • Pewp

    but we all know we will get Cena vs the whole roster, instead of Daniel Bryan with the belt.

  • terrible dream

    i say that sounds horrible
    I’d rather see mark henry vs Daniel bryan
    than cena vs anybody

  • Irishrhyno

    I say Henry wins it at MITB and the Raw MITB winner(Daniel Bryan?) cashes in on him,he retires and we get the Bryan v Cena match at Summerslam.

  • terrible dream

    matt what usually happens if said wrestler is able to compete they go on a retirement run holding the belt or belts that they never held before

  • Adam Tarasievich

    if they become a tag team that is going to be interesting to watch. Though id still prefer the kings of wrestling if cassaro was going to team up with someone

  • Matt Trovato

    Figured something was up, you figure if he was actually retiring they woulda had some kinda presentation and everyone woulda came out from the back.