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Ziggler Says He Hasn’t Been Cleared, Former NXT Star Selling a Copy of His Contract?, More

– WWE recently had some of their production trucks wrapped in Make-A-Wish graphics. This one, from Charles Robinson’s Twitter, features Sheamus:

WWE Truck

– Former WWE NXT wrestler Derek Foore, who was released back in November of 2012, is threatening to sell a copy of his WWE contract. He tweeted:

“Who’s interested in buying a copy of my #wwe contract? #sharing is caring. #Bombsaway @WWENXT. The contract includes authentic signatures from John Laurinaitis and HHH (Paul Levesque) along with salary, wellness policy, ETC… #wwe. This #wwe contract is better than a tell all book about the #wwe. It shows how it #exploits the wrestlers worse than a pimp! #Bombsaway”

– We noted before how Dolph Ziggler did not wrestle at this weekend’s live events, despite reportedly being cleared to wrestle. Ziggler started this weekend’s events by cutting a promo and announcing that he still wasn’t cleared to wrestle. Ziggler also didn’t get physically involved in the Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio main events. No word yet if Ziggler has not been cleared to wrestle but we should know more on tonight’s RAW.

  • Will Henderson

    well, i don’t know, this could go two ways, he’s medically clear to travel. that’s why he will be at Raw and was at house show. but the medical clearance could become a angle to keep Dolph from being cheered by the fans as he’s still a heel. they need to draw heat. the other thing is, WWE maybe protecting Dolph from further injuries before Payback as they don’t want him to forfeit the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Jeff

    WWF Contracts for Raven, Chris Kanyon, and a 3rd guy whose name I forget. Have been available online for a few years due to the lawsuit those 3 had against WWF. While I assume the contracts may have changed a little, I’m sure they are relatively the same. I don’t understand why he is crying. Anybody in the business, hell, anybody with an internet connection. Knows that if you sign with WWE, they own you, until they are done with you. I’m sure Derek’s lifelong dream was to be in WWE, and it did not work out this time. Quit crying, go get better, and give it another go.