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Ziggler Comments on WWE Not Using Ryder for RAW, Tonight’s WWE Tapings & More

– Former WWE star MVP is working with Booker T’s students at his PWA school in Texas this week.

– Trish Stratus took part in a photoshoot for Revive Magazine yesterday.

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown and NXT tapings will take place from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Advertised locally is Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title. There will also be an elimination on tonight’s NXT.

– Dolph Ziggler wrote the following on Twitter last night in response to WWE not using Zack Ryder on the live RAW from his hometown: “You didnt rib ‘the kid’ tonight, you ribbed the fans, Long Island & the boys in the back! AND kicked him in the nuts! #RyderOrRiot”

  • edo.risk

    And I thout Zigler was gana get the US Belt. Oh well will gona have to stay with good old Kofi for longer…

  • venom

    @John Cheesa

    Yea, I thought SCSA was the gm of the night. That should be SCSA’s say. I don’t think Ziggler should have posted that online. These wrestlers that tweet this stuff is only hurting themselves in the end. Ask Matt Hardy. As far as CM Punk goes, I see he is unhappy and probably is as good as gone for now. I really believe he will go to TNA, because he is unhappy with WWE.

  • Stumpy

    The WWE is turning into a pathetic product that is trying to relive the “glory” days of the 80s when the actual glory days, the ones that true fans remember, took place in the 90s. The fans need a good, competitive wrestling promotion that will cause a shake up in the Fed. There needs to be a return to attitude. Unfortunately, TNA and ROH aren’t up to the challenge and VKM knows it.

    Note to the Fed: Cena ain’t Hogan… He’s worse. We don’t want another Hogan. We want another SCSA.

  • CC

    Well we have seen before that when on another show, the wrestlers fall under the power of that shows GM, so yes, it did make sense that the RAW GM could do that.

    As for Ryder, I can sort of see why WWE didnt have him on RAW because he is still a heel, and they wouldnt want him to get a bigger pop than some of the bigger stars.
    That said, surely it would have been a perfect opportunity to turn him face.

  • Hunter

    Good for Ziggler!!

  • John Cheesa

    I also wondered where the logic was last night when the anonymous GM threatened to strip Orton of his WHC. How can the Raw GM do that to a Smackdown superstar?

  • Justin

    Yea, I saw the Ryder or Riot sign on RAW.

    WWE’s full of shit and the wrestlers even know it. CM Punk looks like he hates his job more and more when he comes on screen. Let’s see…

    They made the divas dance which was so fucking dumb and unnecessary. They had a repetitive R-Truth conspiracy segment with a wrestler who wasn’t going to even wrestle in the first place. A three-hour RAW and they could have probably shaved off a good hour for better quality TV or put that extra hour to good use, like using Ryder. It’s pathetic. WWE fears fans, and we were all able to see that when John Cena had half the crowd saying he sucked.

  • Rucdogg

    Im all for standing up for you friend, but not at the expense of your own job. You can pretty much bank on Ziggler gettin his ass handed to him by Kofi at the ppv