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Ziggler on Working with Kingston & Guerrero, Potential Match with Michaels

– Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with the Amarillo Globe News. Here are some highlights:

Who is your favorite wrestler on the roster to work with?

“Me and Kofi Kingston have had like 100 matches together. It’s come down to some really fun ones. We’ve been in ladder matches together. We’ve done some really cool things. He does awesome stuff, and I’m really good at taking it away from the fans and not letting them see it. We work well together. I enjoy watching him when I’m not in the ring with him. When I do get in there with him, we usually tear it up pretty well.”

Who would you like to step into the ring with individually that you never got a chance to?

“I would love to get in the ring with Shawn Michaels one time. We got to do some stuff when I was in the Spirit Squad a long time ago. I was brand new, and I learned a lot from him. I wish now that I’m kind of coming into the peak of my career, I’d love to get in there one last time. I think we would tear it up.”

What’s it like working with Vickie Guerrero?

“Vickie Guerrero is awesome. That’s one of the coolest things I ever found out. She goes out there and gets a reaction that no one else in this company gets. When you say her catchphrase, the entire arena erupts booing her. Whether you like her or hate her, a giant reaction and everyone dying to see her, that’s the attraction. That’s called being a draw in the business. People want to see her get beat up or see her beat someone up,. They want to see what she’s going to do. I think the two of us make a hell of a great team.”

  • chronoxiong

    I would love to see Ziggler vs HBK. They will tear it up in the ring.

  • False Idol

    Well, love her or hate, she’s very good at what she does!! She gets the reaction of the crowd. However, Ziggler is still not as great as he thinks he is…he’s good though! Kofi is great..I think I’d be interested to see what he’d be like as a bad guy!!

  • CC

    I think Dolph is deluded if he thinks people are dying to see her.
    She may very well have some genuine fans, but she also has a lot of X-Pac heat where the audience genuinely dislikes her and wants to see the back of her (pretty similar to John Laryngitis).
    I tend to record a lot of WWE these days due to the hours I work, and every time that woman comes out I fast forward through any point that she is talking.
    Its only fun to see her get insulted or beat down because people really do not like her character (and lets get this straight, I dont hate her, I hate her character). In the end, she could end up holding Ziggler back if not careful. I know Swagger wasnt doing a hell of a lot of good prior to teaming up with her, but he has seriously gone down hill since being teamed with her, and still has not recovered now they have split.

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero needs to join weight watchers as she gained back most of the weight she lost and i dont think that the wwe fans or dying to see her they are more like to run away from her

  • SYM

    Heh Heh I bet Vickie is Awesome.

  • yofits

    Dolph Zigg vs Kofi K is this generation’s Rocky Maivia vs Hunter HH feud.