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Zombies vs. Wrestlers, Punk Comments More on HHH, WWE Takes Out a Loan

– WWE has taken out a $200 million line of credit with JP Morgan Chase Bank. This is being done to finance the WWE Network and help expand the company’s digital digital library.

– Shane Douglas is participating in a new horror movie called Zombies vs. Wrestlers. The filming will take place at the West Newton Gym tomorrow at 4pm in West Newton, PA. The people behind the movie say it will be a serious horror movie and not satire. Once the movie is funded, more filming will take place. Douglas is a producer for the movie and has a lead role.

– As noted yesterday, CM Punk responded to Triple H’s interview on MMA needing to evolve and WWE not needing to on his Twitter yesterday and called the comments ridiculous. Punk also later commented: “Unreal. Out of touch. If you don’t evolve, you die.”

  • Truthiness

    They’d sell more copies of that movie if they renamed it “blank tape.”

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    i think theyre trying to make them like El Santo movies back in the day, in mexico wrestlers where big in movies where they fought mummies, zombies, werewolves n all sorts of shits, maybe thats what theyre trying to do, buut ill doubt itll work in this age

  • Zach D

    Shane Douglas lives about 10 minutes from me here in PA and my ex girlfriend is his neighbor and is good friends with Douglas.

  • simon07

    I think it actually an intriguing concept. But it will be terrible.

  • Billy Mays

    Sounds more like a direct to VHS Hit to me!!!

  • nick

    yessss a horror movie about wrestlers and zombies, starring shane douglas…. watch out titanic

  • muh boy

    writing staff vs zombies nice

  • voice of reason

    i think 5 bucks is waaaay too much they couldnt give that movie away even if they tried but stoners may like it when having their munchies

  • venom


    That’s what I was thinking. Team wrestlers: Douglas, RVD, and Rhyno vs Team Zombies: Hogan, Flair, and Sting.

  • JIR

    sounds like a 5 dollar DVD bin edition