Booker T On WWE/TNA Return; Dispels Rumors Of Not Putting Over Matt Morgan

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Booker on whether he has received calls from WWE or TNA: “I’m a free agent… It’s about making a phone call. I left on good terms. I’m pretty good friends with Terry Taylor. I left on good terms with Dixie Carter. But I don’t want to get back on that WWE schedule… I would be willing to do commentary. I’d be willing to work behind the scenes (with WWE).

Booker, responding to positive comments made about him by Mr. Anderson, on why he went to TNA: “I went there to make those young guys a lot better, guys like A.J. (Styles), (Robert) Roode, Black Machismo, and the list goes on and on… The Main Event Mafia could still be going today… The wrestling business is all about the young guys coming up and taking those spots.

Booker on TNA rehashing past angles: “I feel the past should left in the past. You cannot recreate WCW. TNA was in a great position to move up to the next level.”

Booker on rumors regarding him leaving a live event and not putting over Matt Morgan: “It was one live event, overseas, and there was not any security. The fans were throwing full cans of beer. I felt unsafe working in that environment… I did not want to put over Matt Morgan that night because I had never had a segment with Matt Morgan.”

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