2010 Hall of Fame Update, Co-Host For RAW Tonight?, Sunny, Piper, More

— To update on our previous story about next year’s Hall Of Fame ceremony, WWE officials apparently aren’t too worried about finding a major name for the 2010 event. The feeling is that the WWE Hall Of Fame carries enough name value as part of WrestleMania weekend to draw a good rating on USA Network regardless of who the stars are. PWTorch.com confirms reports that WWE is taking the ensemble approach for 2010, much like they did in 2007 where Dusty Rhodes was the biggest name.



— The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there is one again talk within WWE of Lilian Garcia co-hosting RAW tonight alongside Trish Stratus, in her final night with the company. Her name was previously discussed for the week that Dusty Rhodes ended up hosting.

— From the ‘Where are they now’ file: Al Snow and Steve Corino will be facing off at the TWA reunion show on October 24th in South Jersey with a portion of the proceeds going to a childhood cancer research charity. Sunny, Roddy Piper and Tatanka are advertised for the Big Time Wrestling event at the Danbury Ice Arena in Danbury, CT on September 25th.

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