205 Live Results: Who walked out with the Cruiserweight Championship?

In tonight’s episode of 205 Live, Buddy Murphy finally got his chance at the Cruiserweight Championship. The Juggernaut of 205 Live had been harassing the champion, Cedric Alexander, for months, and ran through the cruiserweight division leading up to this point.



Murphy and Alexander set a pace in the match that was hard to keep up with. The two men raced around the ring, countering each other’s offense, trying to keep ahead of each other.




However, after a brutal back and forth, with both men leaving it all in the ring, Cedric Alexander hit Buddy Murphy with two Neuralizers followed by a Lumbar Check for the win, retaining the Cruiserweight Championship.


Who can be the one to end the Age of Alexander? Does Cedric move onto another competitor, or will Buddy Murphy look for a rematch in the near future?

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