2-21-11 Promos: What’s the big idea?

Hey IWC; Jacky here. We all know that tomorrow is the 21st, and for some of the readers, it’s today, which means that we will finally find out who the “mysterious” figure in the videos really is. When the first video came out, I spent two grueling hours looking over the video and attempting to match the mysterious boots to ones that are worn by either Sting or the Deadman. Some say that it seemed to be another Superstar, maybe even “The King of Kings” Triple H or “Mr. WrestleMania” Shawn Michaels due to the third video that came out. Most of the WWE Universe think it could be Undertaker since he was last seen being buried alive by the old Nexus and then World Heavyweight Champion Kane at Bragging Rights. There have been reports saying that the Deadman has been spotted at the airport in Houston, Texas today waiting for a flight headed for California, where RAW is taking place. I think this is a promo that was extremely botched. The arena where RAW is taking place promoted his return a few weeks ago on their website and that kind of blew it for me because I thought that it could have been Sting or someone else. The third video, however, is throwing everyone, including me, off because people are claiming that the part of the face shown in the video wasn’t Taker’s at all and that it may belong to Michaels or Triple H. In my perspective, it seems like it could be someone else but we will find out in a few hours. This article is meant for the IWC to voice their opinions and thoughts out to be heard. So write away my fellow wrestling fans. 🙂 Thanks to Phenomforever.com for the awesome Unofficial Fan poster. 🙂



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