50 Cent Humiliates Diddy In Hotel Rap Video (AI)

The new fictional rap song of 50 Cent about Diddy has been released. In the song, 50 Cent raps about the controversial video clip in which Diddy beat up his ex-girlfriend at a hotel. The song, photos and the whole music video that have been created by AI.




A controversial video clip of Diddy dated March 5, 2016 recently made the rounds on social media. In a graphic 2016 surveillance footage made public on Friday, Sean “Diddy” Combs was shown shoving, kicking, and dragging his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura.

In the footage obtained by CNN, the rapper and producer was seen chasing Ventura down a hallway at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles. Diddy dropped her to the ground and grabbed her by the back of her neck with a towel wrapped around his waist. As shown in the video, he kicked her while holding his towel closed with one hand.

Then, as Ventura is still lying on the carpet, he turns around and kicks her once again. He then takes a purse and a suitcase from the floor next to an elevator bank. After dragging his ex-girlfriend by her sweatshirt, Combs turned to leave.

Slowly rising, Ventura appeared to pick up a home phone on the hallway wall before Combs—still wrapped in his towel—came back and gave her a nudge. The video shows that a few seconds later, he sat down in a chair, picked up something from a table, and tossed it at Ventura. He turns back to Ventura after walking away.

P Diddy recently admitted that he beat his ex-girlfriend Cassie in a hotel hallway in 2016 after CNN released a video clip of the horrying assault. He said in an apology video that he was “truly sorry” and that his actions were “inexcusable.” Diddy was apparently somber and sported a T-shirt while he appeared to be on a patio. It is the hip-hop star’s direct response following six months of allegations that have put his career in jeopardy.

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