70-Year Old Grandma Going To Jail For Trump?

A 70-year old Grandma may be headed to jail for her actions on January 6, 2021 in support of Donald Trump.



On Monday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. opined that President Joe Biden was a “worse threat to democracy” than former President Donald Trump via Mediaite.

It has been noted that as CNN anchor Erin Burnett asked Kennedy whether he believed that “the threat to democracy that Trump poses” is “equal evil to Biden,” Kennedy replied, “Listen, I can make the argument that President Biden is a much worse threat to Democracy, and the reason for that is President Biden is the first candidate in history, the first president in history that has used federal agencies to censor political speech.”

Kennedy continued:

I can say that because I just won a case in the Federal Court of Appeals, and now before the Supreme Court, that shows that he started censoring not just me– 37 hours after he took office, he was censoring me. No president in the country has ever done that. The greatest threat to democracy is not somebody who questions election returns, but a president of the United States who uses the power of his office to force the social media companies – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – to open a portal and give access to that portal to the FBI, to the CIA, to the IRS.

He added that Biden was the “first president in history” to “use his power over the Secret Service to deny Secret Service protection to one of his political opponents for political reasons.”

Kennedy also accused Biden of “weaponizing the federal agencies.”

When questioned about Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, Kennedy stated that Trump’s actions were “clearly” a “threat” to democracy, “the question was who is a worse threat to democracy.”

He told Burnett, “I’m not gonna answer that question, but I can argue that President Biden is because the First Amendment, Erin, is the most important.”

“So just to be clear, you’re saying you could make an argument that President Biden is a worse threat to democracy than Donald Trump?” questioned Burnett.

“Absolutely,” Kennedy replied. “What president in history has every tried to censor political opponents? What president has weaponized the federal agencies?”

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