80-Year Old Actress Drops Will Smith Bombshell

Stockard Channing fondly reminisced about her experience working with Will Smith as a costar on the podcast “It Happened in Hollywood” by The Hollywood Reporter. Channing, now 80 years old, shared that she felt an immediate “chemistry” with Smith when they worked together on the 1993 film “Six Degrees of Separation.”



Describing Smith as “absolutely adorable” and “a sweetheart,” Channing expressed her admiration for his natural and easygoing personality. She recalled feeling a maternal instinct towards him and appreciated his genuine charm and sweetness from the moment they met.

Despite Smith’s success in music and television, Channing noted that he remained humble and down-to-earth, with no trace of arrogance or “big shot” behavior. She emphasized that Smith’s authenticity and real survival instinct made him perfect for the role he portrayed in the film.

Regarding Smith’s admission in his memoir and interviews that he had fallen in love with Channing during filming, Channing clarified that there was nothing romantic between them. She affirmed that while Smith expressed his feelings, their relationship remained strictly professional.

In his memoir, Smith revealed that he found himself yearning to see and speak to Channing after wrapping up filming, despite being married at the time. Reflecting on the experience, Smith acknowledged the dangers of getting too immersed in a character and the impact it can have on personal relationships.

Channing, known for her role in “Grease” among others, has continued to appear in various television shows and films. Meanwhile, Smith has a forthcoming project titled “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” where he will reunite with Martin Lawrence.

Their collaboration on “Six Degrees of Separation” left a lasting impression on both Channing and Smith, highlighting their professional rapport and mutual respect as actors.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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