Biden Caught Lying About Dead Soldiers In Video

A defiant President Joe Biden recently called into Morning Joe on Monday morning to make clear that he firmly believes the average voter still wants him to run for president via Mediaite. During his appearance, Biden sounded like he’s giving an interview on a toilet, and started to suggest he was with Trump when he said “suckers and losers.”



“First of all, he [said it] was made up quote, suckers and losers.” “I was with hi… He called the Americans in the cemeteries from World War I. Suckers and losers.”

The surprise appearance was not previously announced by MSNBC or Morning Joe. It came shortly after he released a letter to Congress explaining why he intends to stay in the race amid multiple calls for Democratic politicians and media pundits who have strongly suggested that Biden’s candidacy helps former President Donald Trump win a second term. It is noted that the recent polling shows that roughly three in four Americans also believe that Biden is not mentally fit for a second term.

Joe Scarborough mentioned the letter and said, “There’s a part of it where you talk about the fact that you got 14 million votes, 87% of the vote. It was an open process. You only had three people running against you. You have 3,900 delegates. And then you ask this question, do we now just say the process didn’t matter, that the voters didn’t have a say? I’m curious, is that an allusion also to Donald Trump and the fact that Democrats, you believe may now be doing the same thing that Donald Trump tried to do when in 2020, and that is overthrow the popular will of Democratic voters?”

“The reason I’ve been out on the road so much all over the country, and while Trump is riding around his golf cart… filling out his golf cart before a golf cart… before you even hit the ball on your head, he hadn’t been anywhere in ten days. I’ve been all over the country, number one, and I’ve run over the country for several reasons. One, to make sure my instinct was right about the party still wanting me to be the nominee,” Biden replied.

He continued:

All the data, all the data shows that the average Democrat out there voted, and 14 million of them had voted for me. Still want me to be the nominee, number one. Number two, the idea that Donald Trump has gained in any substantial way — his argument for why he should be president isn’t any more convincing than it was, two weeks or three weeks ago.

It’s just not there. We’re just getting and we’re just starting to focus on Trump a lot. I attended services, spoke to over 600 people at Mount Airy Church of God in Christ in Philly. I stopped by campaign field offices with John Fetterman and Madeleine Dean. Both strongly supported me — the president and first lady. We spoke at a campaign ice cream social for me, Council 13 in Harrisburg, 40 minutes after we spoke with supporters, stopped by Dunham Coffee. I mean, I was with the governor of Pennsylvania, who still strongly supported me. I mean, so, look, and the fact is that this week I’m going to be hosting a NATO summit here in DC, can hold a press conference on Thursday and Wednesday. I met with the national union leaders of the AFL CIO. On Friday, I traveled to Detroit, Michigan for campaign event for, you know, just on down the line.

And so I’m not getting any of what I was told. I wanted to make sure I was right, that the average voter out there still wanted Joe Biden. And I’m confident they do. And I’m confident and like I said, the press have been with me. I think they’ve been fairly fair. I haven’t read any reporting, I didn’t today. But the fact is that, you know, I think that we have to acknowledge we had large crowds and enthusiastic crowds and, you know, and now they’re talking about whether I use a prompter. Well, I did it all extemporaneously.

The fact of the matter is, using prompter too, I don’t get that. But the bottom line here is that we’re not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere. I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t absolutely believe that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024. We had a Democratic nominating process for the voters spoke clearly, I won 14 million votes, etc. so I just want I’m not only believe that from the beginning, but I wanted to reassert it and demonstrate that it’s true. And I’m going to be doing that all through this week and from here on.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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