Brandi Rhodes to miss Chris Jericho’s Cruise on account of her passport being stolen

Chris Jericho’s Rock N’ Wrestling Rager at the Sea cruise event is around the corner once again and the card is once again stacked with AEW Superstars. However, it seems like not everyone from the top-brass of the roster will be able to make an appearance at the anticipated event.



Brandi Rhodes is the Chief Branding Officer of AEW and one of the top performers within the company as well. However, it seems like Brandi will not be able to make an appearance on Chris Jericho’s cruise at all this year.

In a tweet that has now been deleted for unknown reasons, Brandi revealed to her fans that her passport has been stolen and therefore she will not be attending the event at all. However, she’s urged her fans to have fun and be safe while on the cruise.

Here is what Brandi stated in the said tweet:

I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone, as I was having to leave early to deliver the keynote at NATPE next week (which I am insanely excited for!) but I will not be on the cruise at all this year. My passport was stolen this evening and I cannot attend. Be safe and have fun.

Furthermore, when a fan suggested a few measures to reacquire her stolen passport, Brandi further cleared out that regardless of all that, she still won’t be making it to the cruise.

To all the fans who were looking forward to meeting Brandi, better luck next time!


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