A Superstar returns to Smackdown Live, leading to the first official match of WWE Hell In A Cell

Daniel Bryan was unable to shut up his longtime rival The Miz at SummerSlam. Due to his cunning wife, Maryse, the A-Lister knocked Bryan out with one stiff punch, albeit assisted by brass knuckles.



The It Couple started off Smackdown Live, insulting the leader of the Yes Movement and bragging about The Miz’s victory. Daniel Bryan quickly came out to shut down their victory party, leading to a war of words between The Miz and Bryan.

That was, until, Maryse took the mic from her husband to attempt to shut Daniel Bryan up for good. Maryse called the former Smackdown General Manager “Daniel Bella” which, apparently was the last straw.

Brie Bella rushed the ring, and while her music played, she went Brie Mode on the Miz, punching the former Intercontinental Champion in the face. Brie continued to assault The Miz before Bryan knocked him outside.

As the It Couple retreated, Bryan and Brie revealed that they would face The Miz and Maryse in a Mixed Tag Team match at WWE Hell In A Cell.

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