ABC Female Host Reveals Trump & OJ Simpson ‘Crimes’

OJ Simpson passed away today due to cancer, and the hosts of The View took time on their show to remember him. Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts, spoke about her connection to the OJ Simpson trial, expressing her belief that Simpson was guilty.



Joy Behar then interjected, drawing a comparison between OJ Simpson’s case and that of former President Donald Trump, who was recently found liable for sexual assault. This remark sparked a discussion between the hosts.

Sunny Hostin recalled her experience of becoming close to Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman, who was killed alongside Nicole Simpson. Hostin noted the ongoing impact of the tragedy on the Goldman family and spoke about her perception of injustice in the criminal trial, as OJ Simpson was acquitted of the charges against him but later found liable in civil court.

Behar likened OJ Simpson’s case to that of Trump, pointing out the similarity in how both men were found liable rather than guilty in court. Hostin agreed with Behar’s comparison, adding that in her view, everything seems to lead back to Trump.

As the conversation continued, Behar expressed her determination to not rest until Trump is no longer in power, suggesting that his presence continues to influence numerous aspects of society. Hostin reiterated the point about Trump being held liable for sexual assault, a development that has attracted significant attention.

Sunny Hostin:  I ended up becoming close to Kim Goldman. I can tell you that even after-

Joy Behar:  Her son was killed, right?

Sunny Hostin: Her brother. Her brother Ron. Her brother Ron was killed along with Nicole Simpson. I remember how palpable, even to this day, that loss is for the family. That was the tragedy part? For me, the tragedy was the injustice, in my opinion.

Joy Behar:  Which part?

Sunny Hostin:  The criminal trial, the fact that he was not found guilty. But he was found liable later…

Joy Behar: Like Trump was found liable for rape.

Sunny Hostin: Yes.

Joy Behar:  It was the same thing.

Sunny Hostin:  Everything goes back to Trump.

Joy Behar: Until he’s gone, I will not rest.

Sonny Hostin: Liable for sexual assault.

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