Abyss Speaks On The Decay, TNA And Billy Corgan

TNA star Abyss recently spoke with the Huffington Post to promote Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. Here are the highlights.



On The Decay. “Rosemary is very young, very athletic, very passionate,” he said. “Crazzy Steve, he hasn’t even had a chance to scratch the surface of what he can do. I think this is really going to do wonders for them. As young, up-and-coming talent with the company, and me being kind of the old, grizzly, wily veteran, I think it’s a great mixture of old and new. There’s a lot of excitement for it.”

On Marilyn Manson’s song “The Nobodies” being used as the theme song for group:

“Billy Corgan has been a big catalyst,” Abyss said. “He’s taken it under his wing. He went to Marilyn Manson for us, for the company, and secured the rights to ‘The Nobodies’ — the music we’re using — which I think is huge.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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