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Eric Bischoff: Rey Mysterio can’t “satisfy himself at this stage in his career”

There were reports recently Rey Mysterio was talking to both GFW and WWE about coming in to work for them after his 90-day no compete clause with Lucha Underground is up. A lot of people had opinions on the matter, especially Eric Bischoff.

The former top dog in WCW recently spoke about Mysterio’s decision on an episode of his podcast Bischoff On Wrestling and he was quite candid on the subject.

“And I think sometimes as a performer you have to be willing to let that go and let your legacy live on and let people remember that phenomenal character that changed the wrestling business in so many ways in the United States. For Rey to get back in the ring now at his age with the injuries that he’s had.”

“I just don’t think he’ll be able to reach the level of performance that will satisfy himself. Forget about me or the audience, or anybody else. I don’t think Rey will be able to satisfy himself at this stage of his career. It’s really hard. That said, if he is going to get back in the ring and he is going to be involved in the business, I sure would love to see him back in WWE. Nothing against GFW, but that’s just not the way that I would like to see a guy like Rey Mysterio end his career.”

Bischoff said if GFW can get a solid footing underneath them and establish themselves as a company and turn a corner then it would be great if Rey came into the company.

Whatever Rey Rey decides to do, we just hope he goes with his heart and does whatever makes him happy. WWE would certainly offer more opportunity and be a better long-term deal, but Bischoff went on to say Rey’s relationship with Konnan  and GFW’s lighter schedule might be a driving factor in his decision to take a chance with Jeff Jarrett and his band of Merry Men.

Thanks to Bischoff On Wrestling for the quotes and Still Real To Us for the transcription

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    To be honest, this is what people have been saying for the last decade or so. Rey can still have good matches, but he is a shadow of his former self due to injuries.