Actor Hugh Jackman Talks About Punching Dolph Ziggler on WWE RAW, What Gift He Sent Ziggler

– Actor Hugh Jackman appeared on The Graham Norton Show in the UK last week and they discussed him appearing on WWE RAW in 2011. Jackman said his own son doesn’t know him from the Wolverine movies but does know him from being on RAW and punching Dolph Ziggler.



Jackman never said Ziggler’s name but said the guy he was working with told him to punch him hard because if Jackman didn’t the people would boo him. Jackman said he wanted to hit Ziggler hard in the shoulder or neck but accidentally punched him in the jaw and fractured it. Jackman said Ziggler was thrilled over getting punched. Jackman also said he sent Ziggler a case of beer the next day.

Jackman added that working RAW was the most terrifying thing he’s ever done in show business.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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