Actress Says Trump Will Send ‘Black People To Camps’

During an interview with Zerlina Maxwell on SiriusXM’s ‘Mornings With Zerlina,’ actress Jennifer Lewis, known for her role in the sitcom Black-ish, made bold statements about Donald Trump, likening him to Hitler and predicting dire consequences if he were to be re-elected.



Initially discussing voter apathy, Lewis’s tone shifted as she passionately condemned Trump and his supporters. She unequivocally labeled Trump as “Hitler,” asserting that his re-election would lead to drastic actions against black people, suggesting they would be placed in camps.

‘This motherf***** is Hitler,

Lewis expressed deep concern over the potential destruction of the Constitution under a second Trump term, stating that he would wield power tyrannically. She vividly painted a scenario where Trump, as a figurative king, would demand submission from dissenters.

Criticizing those considering voting for Trump and those indifferent to voting altogether, Lewis lamented societal priorities, contrasting trivial decisions like choosing ice cream flavors with the weighty responsibility of voting. She didn’t mince words, chastising those who abstain from voting as “idiots.”

‘That motherf***** will have us in camps…because we sat our fat a** on the couch.’

Her anger escalated as she described a future America under Trump, where minorities would face severe oppression. Lewis attributed Trump’s appeal to white Americans’ fear of losing majority status, reassuring them that minorities seek only equality, not conflict.

Amidst her impassioned speech, Lewis emphasized the importance of love as the antidote to hate, while also invoking painful imagery of America’s history of racism and violence, reminding listeners of the atrocities inflicted upon black communities.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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