Adam Cole compares being in Undisputed Era to being in Bullet Club

NXT North American Champion Adam Cole has been a part of a number of pro wrestling groups in his career so far and two of the most notorious factions of them are Bullet Club and Undisputed Era.



During a recent interview by Hal YouTube channel, while NXT was on their European tour, Cole talked about many things and also compared the two groups.

The Champion said that both the factions have the same, do whatever we want attitude but the group he currently leads is different in the sense that each one of its participants is different from each other:

Undisputed Era has the same cocky, no-nonsense, do whatever we want attitude that Bullet Club does so you get the comparisons, but at the same time I do think the group that we have now in the Undisputed Era is different in that sense. I definitely have noticed differences, yeah.

Apart from this, Adam Cole also talked about defending the North American Championship against Walter at Evolve 107 and more. You can check out his interview in the video below:

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