Adam Cole on if NXT’s product will change after move to USA

With NXT’s move to USA Network, fans of the show are worried that the show’s core product will be affected by the move and it will lose its unique identity.



However, the current NXT Champion Adam Cole believes that it’s not going to be the case and during a recent interview with, Cole said that they will stay true to their roots.

Cole claimed that there will be some exciting new things happening in NXT but at the same time they recognize that keeping the original formula intact is how they are going to succeed on USA Network:

I think we very much recognize that keeping that formula and doing more of what this brand does better than anybody is how we’re going to succeed on the USA Network. Of course, there’s going to be some exciting new things happening in NXT, but at the same time, we know what brought us to the dance, and we’re going to stay true to that.

Recent reports also support Cole’s comments and it’s believed that Triple H will continue to lead the third brand of the company without much interference from Vince McMahon at least for the time being.

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