Adam Cole reveals his dream WrestleMania opponent

NXT North American Champion Adam Cole recently had an interview with WFF where he revealed his dream WrestleMania opponent among other things.



Adam first talked about his NXT debut and how he was nervous thinking whether or not the audience there will know who he was and if they will react to him.

Continuing on the topic he explained how it gave him a sense of relief when people did react to his arrival on NXT and how it was a big combination of emotions for him.

Later in the interview he also discussed his dream WrestleMania opponent and said that he would like to go against the current WWE Champion AJ Styles:

AJ Styles would be my number one pick. The reason being I wrestled him twice before and I didn’t beat him, either time. On top of that, I think AJ is the best pro wrestler that I’ve ever been in the ring with. I think he’s absolutely number one. His ability is just second to none

Adam Cole’s full interview can be watched in the video below:

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